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  1. I agree. The low here this morning was 73 degrees...
  2. I'm sure your neighbors are all thankful you didn't...
  3. To add to this, no watch for any event, be it winter storm, tornado, severe thunderstorm, etc, means it's definitely going to happen. I think many of us get caught up in the "hype" and then get disappointed when it doesn't end up happening. I know that I am BIG TIME guilty of this myself...
  4. Radar there looks pretty crappy at the moment...
  5. So far 0.37" here in Sun City, AZ (northwest Phoenix metro) since sunset. I was surprised to see this much from her, but I think we get more as it's storming and pouring again as I type this...
  6. Dollar General just opened up their latest store...
  7. Last night's sunset on my after dinner walk through the neighborhood. Sun dogs courtesy of high clouds from Hurricane Kay out in the Pacific.
  8. West coast tropical systems aren't as rare as you might think. There's been numerous storms that have affected Southern California and Arizona. One that I remember from my previous stint in Phoenix was Nora (1997) which made landfall in the Baja and then rode right up the Colorado River toward Las Vegas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Arizona_hurricanes
  9. And thus, the crappy PA weather starts. I like a rainy day, but not when it turns into 3-6 of them in a row.
  10. Was this expected? I don't and can't follow PA weather as close now, so I don't know. I thought the rain was finished yesterday.
  11. Must have gotten bonus rain in Tamaqua today. Final tally seems to be 3.27 inches.
  12. MST nooners... 105 degrees. Making a run for 110 today.
  13. Nope. It's not ice, although that is a big business out here. If everything works out, I'll be hauling to Petsmart stores statewide from the Phoenix distribution center.
  14. Yes. I've got something lined up. Had my physical, drug screen and road test last Thursday. They have to get the drug test results back before they can finalize the offer and have me start orientation.
  15. I have. Even PHX is taking notice as they are indicating lower temps and potential moisture here in the Arzona deserts this upcoming weekend.
  16. Once the radar hallucinations happen you know you're ready for the regular season...lol
  17. I have one, but I'm currently 2,300 miles away from it. My guess is the sensor isn't reading and transmitting the data out of the gauge. I could be wrong though. There's probably an Ambient forum where someone from the company could answer your question better.
  18. What's all this rain talk? I haven't seen a drop all day... Seriously though, 0.36" in the Tamaqua backyard, and the radar DOES look pretty juiced up back there.
  19. I was thinking that same thing. Tamaqua has yet to see a drop of rain, everything since last night has stayed mostly west of I-81, and Accuweather's future radar continues moving the rain shield northeast with areas east of 81 remaining dry for the next few hours. Lee was infuriating for me as most locations along the Susquehanna, and west of 81, rode the rain train while we got side swiped.
  20. So far there have been 24 days in Tamaqua at or above 90 degrees in 2022. I included all 90+ days, not just the ones occuring during met summer. I also did NOT count the days that were 89.5 to 89.9 degrees. I know officially they count, but to me 89 is not 90. 90 is 90.
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