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  1. 986mb over HGR at 18z. Interesting when compared to 12z.
  2. While waiting on the 0z GFS, I haven't found anything else that puts things side-by-side like this. Helps compare the models QPF outputs (as I've always been a visual person).
  3. Euro complete whiff on Wave 2 for EZF and north...
  4. Had a rookie/lurker question to ask looking at the 500mb map. It looks as if the true cold is kind of walled off at/above the great lakes which would make the "source" of cold the no man's land between the lakes and the system as it moves through the area? If I'm reading this right, that would mean there's not much to stop it from drawing in more warm air if the system continues to amplify as it moves up the coast and temps would at best be marginal? Thank you all for the knowledge you continue to provide.
  5. Mixing along 95 on the UKIE looks to keep totals down on the clown maps from 78-90. QPF looks quite good and uniform. Generally 1-1.5" for the forum?
  6. GEFS trend pushing QPF a bit farther south as well. 1" line goes from central PA to almost the M/D line over the last few runs.
  7. Para only really shows the WAA with no coastal? ETA: some backside, perhaps .1-.2" QPF? Decent WAA QPF though.
  8. 33.6/31.8 with sleet mixing in over the past 15 minutes. 0.04" of liquid until now.
  9. 40/29 in Fairfax Station. Higher than I'd prefer but I always expected slop.
  10. Temps down to 30 in Fairfax Station, but it's a mix out there now.
  11. Fairfax Station, holding at 32 with light snow. Car, sidewalk, and mulch is getting covered.
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