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  1. PF, we need a little love back down here. I'll take 2" qpf in 12 hours, high winds and thundersnow. I do have an unrelated question for you. Is upslope more of a late fall early winter phenomenon than later in the season? I am guessing it could be as the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay cool down and start freezing over. Less general moisture coming in the W or NW flow. Maybe not? Just curious. Thanks Gene
  2. Well Scott they were quarters and even silver dollars in there. I always wanted to see baseball sized flakes. There are U tube videos of the largest hail, I'm going to have to search for videos of the largest flakes ever recorded!
  3. Extremely heavy snow band just past though. 1/2" in 10 minutes. 31.5F light snow right now. My tree line is about 500 feet away in this picture. Sorry guys down in SNE. I had to endure watching your 115" winter a couple of years ago while everything missed to my south.
  4. Softballs and Grapefruits. This is ridiculously heavy snow. 31.9F
  5. Nice Coastal. Thanks for all your board input. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah to all. Light to moderate snow 32.5F very Christmasy up here!
  6. Slow motion train wreck in progress. Our bushes are about to be taken out. I have been watching the ice and snow layer slowly slide off the metal roof over the past day. Like a slow moving glacier its heading for the bushes. If I take a snow rake to it the thing is going to crash anyway. Seems to have a solid ice base holding it. Today's upper 30's should bring it down. Time for new bushes! Also nice sunset over Newfound Lake yesterday. Lower 1/3 is iced over (not in the picture). Main part of lake is still open.
  7. Not much. Around an inch or so for Central VT.
  8. 3.25" storm total. About 9" on the ground. I'll take that Euro nor'easter at the end of next week. Please....
  9. Just looked at the 12Z Euro. Has about 15" of new snow for all of us over the next week. Most of that with a fantasyland noreaster towards the end of next week. So driveway ice/snow could be changing quite a bit. Sand could get buried. Sun breaking through now. Storm total 3.25". Very wintery appeal. It certainly will be a white christmas. Nice to have winter back where it belongs!
  10. Well Ginx has good advice but he's a southerner that lives down in tropical SNE. I have the same problem except my driveway gets sun. The snowstorm a couple of days ago was brutal for the ice. That bit of warmup at the end with the rain just quickly refroze everything. Everyone's driveway is now ice with a sneaky 3" coating that just slides off the under layer. Clearing the snow and sanding is one way to go. I'm going to keep the snow on the driveway and tomorrow hopefully the mid 30's will melt the base just enough to adhere to the ice. I get sun and you don't so that might not work for you. Saturday looks like perhaps enough wet snow to adhere to the ice if you do clean off this powder first. Third option is to just sell the house and move south. Deep winter up here for sure!
  11. 27.1F light to moderate snow 2.25"
  12. Left my snowcoverd, iced covered frozen tundra for a overnight trip down to Boston. No snowcover, sun 35F felt like another world. Reminds me why I love living up here where winter is real winter... (usually). Snowcover builds up steadily north of the Mass/NH line. Full winter mode north of Concord NH.
  13. I called my neighbor who plows my driveway (and 40 others) on Friday and told him not to plow after yesterday's snow. Asked him to wait until late this afternoon or evening. Better to have the ice crust on the snow and not a sheet of ice on the driveway. Anyhow he's a great guy and has not plowed me yet. He plowed the 39 other driveways late yesterday afternoon and now is spending his Sunday sanding because of ice everywhere. At least I will have a dry non slippery driveway all week. Looks like I'll end the torch (41F) with 7" of glacier left.
  14. That's crazy that snowmobiles are out on the lakes. Much of Newfound Lake skimmed over 2 nights ago. Then just several hours later our snowstorm hit. So yesterday much of the lake was white with snow but the ice must have been barely thick enough to hold the snow. To someone not informed it looked like you could just walk out on the lake. Extremely dangerous for man or animal.
  15. Just a interesting observation. When was the last time all of New England was covered under the same advisory? Basically we are all under a winter weather advisory. From Philadelphia NEward!
  16. 1130am. Brief heavy snow squall moved through. Temp down to 15.4F. So perhaps a break and then the true arctic front later this afternoon with more perhaps heavier squalls. Only picked up 1/4" or so in this one.
  17. Just playing catchup. Wow some cold coming in. Then the cutter. Just reading the SNE thread. Torch to the Canadian boarder blah, blah, blah. Not in my CAD refrigerator and not with such a cold arctic high. Greens may torch but I'll struggle and stay cold. Always seems to work that way. After a good thump of snow I'll slowly rise with the whole kitchen sink. Either staying below freezing or rising a bit above at the end but certainly no torch. Usually the warmest air right after fropa. Yesterday's snow is quite durable. Crappy snow growth resulted in a dense snowpack. Will be interesting but expecting a net gain in snow.
  18. Thanks PF. A bit of frost gets me excited. Can't compete with the Stowe pictures you post! Happy Holidays (I'm Jewish so always say that) to you and your wife and that ferocious black lab of yours!
  19. Lots of hoar frost around Newfound Lake last night. Made for nice pictures. Lake is just starting to freeze over. This week should expedite that. Seems a little early.
  20. This question is mostly for Ocean. Does Gray coordinate with Burlington with Watches/Advisories? Really weird maps this afternoon. WSWatch for much of NH. WWadvisory for Vermont. Yet nothing for Grafton/Coos counties in NH. If I use the probabilistic tool about half of Grafton NH is foretasted to receive about the same amounts as the rest of NH. I definitely understand why there is hesitation for a WS watch as the heaviest QPF seems like it will be SE but how come no advisory? At least for continuity into Burlington's forecast area. Here's the 2 maps. Just curious...
  21. Hi Alex.  Looks like the first snow event for you Friday night or Saturday.  When do you expect the new camera to come?   I was just curious.  Hope you are up here to enjoy it.  Strong winds too!


  22. Hi Alex,  I thought I would respond in private since I don't want to muck up the whole NNE thread with just camera posts.  I think you will definitely see the same quality as the wide angle camera once you replace the first one if you decide to go the closer in view route.  I understand the security issue but if the camera does not store video  of what it sees then how would you be able to  even  go back and review the video if  you had a problem like a break in?  What I do love about my NEST wide angle is that you can set up motion zones.  If it detects motion it flags it.  If it detects a person figure it will even tell you it sees a person.  I have it set up so I get an email if it sees motion and it even sends me an image of what it sees moving.  Very cool.  I do have the 10 day record service.  I like that because like last night with a beautiful sunset I can go back and catch it or make a time lapse of cool things it sees.

    I'll be curious what your final decision is.  Love the cam view and watching Mount Washington.  Amazing how much of the time the summit is in the clouds.  Should be clear tomorrow with a nice coating of rime.  


  23. Hey Alex.  Just checked the cam today.  Looks like someone is getting married!  The foliage still looks pretty meh there.  Now that you are up how does it look compared to the cam picture?  Everyone is talking about how beautiful it is on the Kanc. and in the Whites but either the cam doesn't show the real colors or that early frost you got kind of zapped the trees and kept them muted.  

    Doesn't look like much shower activity with tomorrow nights cold front.  Just looked and any showers should hold off to early evening if they happen.  Hopefully with any luck it will not interfere with the wedding.  


  24. Hey Alex.  Cam image is perfect today, well as far as the lighting part  goes.  From time to time the clouds lift enough on Mt Washington that it looks like the cone is whitened.  Looked at the observatory cam and the rocks are white with rime ice and looks like a bit of snow at the top.  

    Beautiful day up here but a strong NW wind that makes my 56F seem much colder.

    Perhaps interesting tropical weather coming up.  Computer models want to develop a system way out in the Mid Tropical Atlantic.  Should keep moving west all this upcoming week and then turn north.  Develops into a big hurricane.  Yesterday the models had it turning north into the Gulf.  Today turning north quicker, into Florida or up the East Coast or maybe even missing the US and curving out to sea.  8 days away so fantasy land time period.  Something for me as a weather nerd to watch!

  25. Hi Alex

    Cam is great.  Still out of focus on left.  Seems like you might have it inside and the glass window pane is keeping that part a bit out of focus.  How much was the cam and was it easy to setup?  Now I want one!


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