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  1. lol lets just post the nam qpf map? Picture is worth a thousand words and all....
  2. Flurries in TTN! First flakes of the year!
  3. You think TTN gets alot of sleet again after the switch?
  4. Without seeing any maps that sounds like an improvement.
  5. Ha you beat me to it. Yea, early dismissal for NJ state workers. Not entirely sure why, nothing is happening here in TTN. Perhaps up north its gonna be bad?
  6. I think he's implying that the mountains are gonna carve up (dry out) some moisture with that track. Since it goes right through the apps.
  7. I agree. 12z & 0z hold more weight to me until the event is a day or 2 out.
  8. I cant keep track of all the gfs models. Is this the new gfs fv3?
  9. Its like flurries in TTN, i also heard some pings of sleet as well.