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  1. I’m surprised it hasn’t made it down to you. I’m probably 15 miles north and it’s coming down
  2. very wet snow in statesville also but it's coming down good
  3. Snow has made it's way back into the western side of Iredell County
  4. Sleet starting to mix with some snow in statesville
  5. All freezing rain in statesville. Maybe a little sleet mixing in.
  6. Snow/sleet mix in statesville
  7. 12 inches or so in statesville. All sleet now
  8. Measuring about 11 inches in statesville now. Flakes still falling. A little mixing occurring.
  9. Almost whiteout conditions in west statesville right now
  10. I’m probably 20ish miles north of you with twice as much snow. Crazy
  11. In a really heavy band in statesville right now. Going to easily get 12 inches I believe
  12. 8 inches and still dumping in west statesville
  13. About a mile south of exit 144 in statesville. Nothing coming down yet