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  1. Just measured. Hovering around 4-5 inches in Statesville
  2. Rates died here in Statesville for a minute but back to huge flakes again. Working on 3-4 inches already
  3. Woah Iredell County in the sweet spot
  4. Roads starting to get covered in Statesville. This is definitely going to be an overperformer
  5. At least an inch so far in Statesville. Man it is coming down
  6. Rates really picking up in Statesville. Snowing hard
  7. It’s coming. Rates really picking up the last 10 minutes in Statesville
  8. All snow now in right around Statesville airport
  9. Temp down to 33 in Statesville. Wow that fell incredibly fast
  10. Real close to all snow in Statesville. 80/20
  11. I'm at 2-3 inches already here in Statesville.
  12. Down to 33 west of Statesville, still moderate snow. It has piled up fairly quickly
  13. Snow already sticking to the ground here in Statesville. Snowing moderately, some pretty big flakes
  14. Pretty solid snow here in Statesville. Hovering around 36