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  1. Regarding my area, we were the last part to be put in drought conditions according to the US drought monitor and we are only at Abnormally Dry. It’s just been weeks behind when I thought leaves would be changing. We did have some brown out on some trees early but it was a noticeable difference between when I left 10/9 and yesterday. Lots of yellows and now oranges starting to show up. Beef Market Top has full coverage up high of yellow and orange colors, reds are lacking so far from what I’ve seen (Cumberland plateau north of Knoxville has plenty though as I just drove it earlier).
  2. Color is starting to look great here in the Balsams, came back from Colorado to leaves really starting to show yellowish and orange tints here in the neighborhood and you can tell on the mountain across 74 that things are in full force heading towards peak color as you get up past 4500'. I bet when I get back from Ohio Halloween week I'll have missed peak here.
  3. Good to see things are coming along at home, in Colorado elk hunting (well I’m done now since I filled my tag opening evening on Saturday, just been packing neat out since). Was a crisp -1 Friday morning at 10k feet! Temps have slowly been warming to average, which is where it will stay the rest of our time out here. Love the mountains, whether they are at home or here in the Western Rockies!
  4. If I remember from when We were buying, there were homes ranging from 200k all the way up to 450-500k in Wolf Laurel. I tried to push the wife real hard on a couple homes in there along with one over in between Barnardsville and Burnsville but she nixed that idea due to her having to get out when it snowed and I’m out of town for work. I don’t know what the big deal is about a bunch of snow above 4000’.....
  5. We were looking at Weaverville, Marshall, Mars Hill and Burnsville before we ended up West of Waynesville in Balsam Gap. Its 45 min to Asheville from our place, same as from Burnsville. Weaverville puts you at 15 min, Marshall is around 30-45 which is the same as Mars Hill. Have only spent the last couple months of winter (Feb through April this year) at the new place, but managed to get a dusting in really the last minor event of the season while town was just wet. So that said, get above 3000' IMO to increase your snow chances; the higher the better of course. We don't get as good of flow snow as they do over on Soco Gap or north of 40 in Haywood from what I've seen thus far but we do seem to sit at one of the precip max areas of the county it seems like. As far as other areas when it comes to flow snow, the four I listed seem to all do good, especially Mars Hill and Burnsville.
  6. And some know the fish bite better on Norman the colder and nastier it is lol
  7. Rain two days in a row, much needed! Lots of widespread showers and storms over the mountains today, hope most places can get some.
  8. 81 down in town around noon and was 74 up here on the gap. Clouds have rolled in now, actually looks like a good early Fall day looking out the living room with leaves starting to change and a nice cloud cover. Hoping that chance of showers pans out, somehow managed to have some rain last week whereas other parts of the county and region weren't as lucky.
  9. Next one is on its way, I’ve just missed the bad leading edge last night and this morning where I am working in Indiana. Same areas taking a beating 12 hours apart and they didn’t need any more heavy rain up here with the local flooding.
  10. That line just skirted to the south of where I am in Indiana working, it has looked nasty in radar all evening. Hate being out of town when something damaging could happen because I know I’ll get a frantic phone call from home that I can do nothing about. Stay safe fellas!
  11. I agree with you, look at the drought monitor and that tells the tale when it comes to needing rain IMO. Eastern side of the state, sure. Us? Nope.
  12. Nothing beats fishing mountain rivers and streams. I’ve been having good luck on Fontana past couple times I’ve been out there. Think I’ll check out some of the other lakes this week while I’m home and off work.
  13. Wife sent a video of the snow at our house, so it’s made it down to 3350’.
  14. Radar seems to backup what I’m seeing of the heavy rain having moved past down here but you are right, that wind is no joke. Even in my protected spot it is howling.
  15. Rain switched to sleet and now snow fairly quick here in Valdese where I’m working. Surprised by it.
  16. Deck is wet and I can see a few sleet pellets laying on it, that’s about it here.
  17. When I left the house it was like a real light powdered sugar falling from the sky lol. A few hundred feet down from the gap and could barely see some snow on rooftops. Elevation is a good thing!
  18. Yep, looks to be the same amount here as well. Just some flurries right now though.
  19. Drove back from Maggie Valley on the Parkway this morning, pulled in at Waterrock Knob and was treated to strong winds forcing moisture up the the southern side of the mountain and creating a cloud right before our eyes. That was an awesome scene seeing a weather principle at work in person. Might have to make a drive up there in the morning before I head to Wilkesboro for work to see if winter is able to make a return at 5000’+ feet overnight. Hoping to get lucky and see a few wet flakes down the mountain if the forecast still holds for tonight, if not maybe I’ll luck out and catch a few Tuesday in Wilkes.
  20. We have a great winter view of the mountain across 74 from us (sunrise this morning was amazing to wake up to - lots of windows on the main upper level) but otherwise we are in the trees tucked in a little cove on the side of the mountain. Can’t wait to check out the views on the parkway above the house.
  21. Can hear the wind howling outside and rain is back, really need it to stop and sun to come out so my fence contractor can finish my split rail out front.
  22. Officially a resident of Haywood County. Always said I’d have a log home in the mountains one day and am proud to say I’m a log homeowner at 3350’ now, hard work still gets you what you want!
  23. Thanks, We will have help tomorrow and it’s not too far from driveway to door, so shouldn’t be too bad (knock on wood!)
  24. Of course I get to move in to the new house in rain this weekend . Going to try to get most furniture in today after we close at lunch so all it is Saturday and Sunday is mainly boxes
  25. Yea, they are in a prime location for that. Canton was getting it pretty good on my way up around 11:15. There was still a solid dusting in the sheltered areas when I entered the “neighborhood” around 12 but our future lot and house has a strong southern exposure so most of what had fallen earlier had melted up there. Looking forward to providing obs from there.