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  1. 37 degrees and light rain, sorry for undoubtedly bringing cold rain with me from Charlotte when I moved back in February. It must follow me around.
  2. I catch a glimpse of lighting down to my southwest every now and again, big flash just now actually along with thunder. The storm is here.
  3. Woke up to a about the same Met, drove through snow last night from Williamsburg, KY to Newport, TN, then it was a rain/snow mix from there to about Fines Creek (that was due to rates it seemed). So figured we would see something once moisture got over the mountains.
  4. Fines Creek exit area to just past the rest area had 1-2” it looked like to me, Harmon’s Den around an inch with less and less the further on 40 you went and then basically from exit 4 to the state line There was nothing down at the interstate and you could see the snow line anywhere from 100-300’ up the mountain on either side. Always a cool drive through the gorge.
  5. Iron Duff area looks about the same but just flurries/very light snow falling. Hopping on 40 after getting gas, we’ll see what the Harmon Den/Waterville area looks like.
  6. What I would call a partial dusting here with flurries falling. Truck thermometer says 28 degrees. Radar looks like going through the gorge later is gonna bs interesting.
  7. Surprised we are already clouded up thick here and getting a rain/snow/sleet mix on my end of Haywood. Didn’t think it would be this quick. Edit - and just liked that I can see stars and it’s stopped but can also see clouds starting to streaming back over. Will be interesting what I wake up to and drive through on my way to Ohio tomorrow.
  8. Wind has really picked up in the past hour or two. You can hear the occasional roar across the tree tops when it really gets gusty. And with that wind you can see the moisture getting transported and those classic snow shower looking clouds starting to form.
  9. Heck I’m above 3000’ in Haywood in the Balsams and don’t expect more than an inch, if that. Just not confident when it comes to flow snow here due to where we are at the base of a 6000’-er. The Smokies look to get smoked (cue drum roll), I’d love to be on LeConte tonight and tomorrow. Met looks to do good though, along with Buckethead and Joe.
  10. Thunderstorm moving through here, lots of lightning with it.
  11. Truck thermometer says 11 degrees. Had a trace of snow on the deck and vehicles, flurries stuck once the sun went down it seems. Inversion up high like Buckethead has, low 20’s up on Lynn Lowry.
  12. No clue on temp down here at the base but local station up on Mt Lynn Lowry (6000’+) was already showing 8 degrees about 30 minutes ago so upper teens down here for sure with flurries continuing to fly like they have all day after the front passed. We are gonna give 10 degrees a run for the money in the morning I feel like.
  13. So close to a decent little event, flow snow ends just up the mountain from our neighborhood’s little knob we sit tucked in against.
  14. We live on a south facing slope so the sun is out and the occasional flurry is falling. Can see the clouds streaming in above us and I can see it snowing on Beef Market Top across 74 from us, so maybe we can get in a snow shower or two.
  15. Light sleet and snow, glaze of mainly sleet on the ground for my area, we will see if we can get some flow snow later but we aren’t situated in a good orientation for it. Once you drop down to 3000’ and below on 74 way less of a sleet glaze (only in roofs and vehicles) and it’s back to mainly sleet/rain it seems. Edit: I said that and now have snow in Hazelwood with a dusting on the ground.
  16. The good part about my place is all I gotta do is get out of the neighborhood and I’m on 74. Headed out to take the trash to the convenience center and run some errands, we will see how it is in town.
  17. Pretty much all sleet now here at Balsam Gap. And just like that flakes are staring to mix in.
  18. Rain here at my house, sounds like some sleet mixing in. Probably snowing up above my house once you hit 4000’ though since Joe and Moto have switched over.
  19. Cataloochee already opened but they are always first. Sugar is looking to open by Thanksgiving I believe my brother-in-law said (he works there)
  20. As a hunter, I’m all for front end cold since it just makes it much more enjoyable. By mid-February I’ve got fishing and golf on the mind.
  21. Can we please get this much moisture with temps in the 20’s? Radar estimate says we are approaching 4” storm total here, bet we end up with 5-6” when it’s all said and done looking at the downstream stuff. Met, you’ll have to be the Haywood County eyes for any flakes mixing in tonight since I’m headed to the Upstate to hunt the next two days.
  22. Nearing peak color here near 3400’ at Balsam Gap, only hold outs seem to be a few oaks, beeches and wild cherries. Poplars have changed and are all about bare now, hickory’s are a brilliant yellow and dropping leaves more and more, maples are a blaze of yellows, oranges and reds. Keep trying to upload a picture of the view from the living room through the trees with no luck.