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  1. Ah gotcha! I remember it floating around so I went and found it. It was from ‘88 to 18’ wasn’t it?
  2. This is the 20 year average, hard to really tell in the non-valley areas. I’m around 20” a year it looks like. Wish you could see individual counties or have a map that you could zoom in on a location and the resolution would be better.
  3. Got another dusting here at Balsam Gap, lightest of the week.
  4. West Waynesville/Hazelwood proper looks to have an inch or so, makes for pretty winter day. I’m ready for a warning-criteria snow though.
  5. Another dusting overnight. If Buckethead and Joe are nickel and dimeing, I’m pennying my way through winter minus one 2.5” snowfall.
  6. Parkway is open for the time being, turned the corner at Woodfin Cascades overlook and hit more than a dusting. 4000’ but the northerly facing component is the main difference.
  7. Yea I’m jealous of your location in the county for flow-driven events. I want to see what happens at mine when we get a miller A tracking storm, it seems like it would set up well for that especially when looking at annual precipitation maps and seeing a maxima running along the county line. My anecdotal observations make it seem like the moisture gets ringed out here on anything other than flow snow lol.
  8. Yep, flurries at my house and can see the snow showers developing just to our East as the mountains don’t block the flow as good. Above 4000’, the mountain top is snow covered. Dusting at our house at 3350’ on our side of the county line and nothing hardly on the Jackson county side. No accumulation below 3000’ here either. Mid-teens at 10 am.
  9. Yep, models pumping out single digit temps and below zero windchill temps here in the Balsams. Shock to the system, I was in Ohio working in spring-like temps all last week. Good for Winter to decide and make an appearance finally.
  10. Hasn’t been “abnormally dry” there since the Dec 10 update. From Dec 17 on only NE NC had been abnormally dry in the Carolinas and that finally went away with the last update.
  11. Measured 2” on elevated surfaces such as my fence and deck, 1” on the walkway in the front with light snow still falling. Not much but the most we’ve had while I’ve been home since moving here in mid-Feb last year and the first to event to top the 1/2” mark, let alone the 1” mark this season.
  12. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll get a Miller A that crushes us while I’m working the 2 week on portion of my 2 on/1 off schedule on this upcoming Ohio project lol
  13. Approaching an inch here at Balsam Gap, definitely an overachiever for my area than what the forecast said earlier today.
  14. Ran to Best Buy and it was flurrying, come out and my truck bed cover had a nice coating. Light snow at the house, already got the dusting I thought I’d receive for the event so a win in my book.
  15. Got a trace of graupel and snow, can see the clouds from that band SW just mentioned heading my way. Anything that falls from here on out will be sticking instantly.
  16. Great pic and looks like I need to come hunt the public adjacent to Wolf Laurel next year lol. Dandruff flakes falling now here off and on.
  17. It has been the past few weeks and was this morning, but it’s likely they closed it already with the forecast. Might make a run over to Max Patch.
  18. Clouds darkened and I got graupel falling, just getting ready to see if I could drive up The parkway to waterrock.
  19. Another event where I’ll manage flurries to a dusting, maybe I’ll be able to reach the 1” mark for the season if I’m lucky. Just not situated in an area for NWFS to accumulate. Hope Buckethead, Met, Joe and you guys up in the High Country score a decent event.
  20. I’d like to see a closer look at the mountains, hard to map out ridge tops and higher elevations that far zoomed out and smoothed out. Puts me at around 2’ a year which seems to be correct lately from what I’ve gathered but also less than there used to be from what I’ve heard from residents too.
  21. Thanks. Yeah, I usually pull it for hunting reasons but I’m going fishing or hunting anytime I can no matter what that says lol. Always a good thing to look at and see, I need to start keeping a journal and recording things like weather conditions, moon position/phase, time, etc
  22. Use solunar forecast all the time just to check moon overhead/underfoot times and just to compare “best times” to what I see in the field. Had a good couple hours on Fontana the other afternoon before all the rain came, ended up with like 10 bass or so and another 5 bites I missed or lost. Here’s the best, a spot around 2 lb, also caught a smallmouth/meanmouth that same size too. All you need is a ned rig out there and fish it parallel to steep rock banks, about guaranteed to get a bite.
  23. When I was walking the dogs when it started sounded like a few pellets were mixed in.