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  1. Light to moderate snow, ground is turning white. Went from just drizzle to a dusting in a matter of 30 minutes if that.
  2. Coming back from Murphy you could see the Smokies socked in above Bryson City and where it had snowed up around 4000’ and above in the mountains north of Sylva. Damp here at the house with nothing falling when I pulled in, the mountain above the neighborhood from about 4000’ on up is Socked in here at the house. Mountain top across 74 was white. Maybe wake up to a dusting, that’s the standard here in most NWFS situations.
  3. Looked to have some flakes mixing in when I left the house at 6:30, but miserly light rain/drizzle. Light rain here between Murphy and Andrews.
  4. Back deck this morning from my wife, I’ll go with 2-2.5” for the total which seems to match up with the report I saw from the NWS. Puts me in the 7.5-8” range for season to date, maybe we can eek out an inch or two of the upcoming NWFS is robust enough to spill over onto my side of the Plott Balsams. Then bring on a good March event and let’s see where the chips fall.
  5. Wife says we have what looks to be a little over 2 inches on the deck, neighborhood road and driveway a little slushy.
  6. Howdy neighbor, looked at a house there at your elevation but am just down The mountain from you in Balsam Forest. We look to be in a good spot for a Haywood maximum.
  7. Trace/dusting on the ground at home from the video I just got from my wife while she was walking the dogs. Dry so far here in Concord.
  8. In Charlotte for a company meeting until Friday afternoon, looking forward to coming home to a 6”+ blanket of snow.
  9. Took a advantage of the beautiful weather and fished Fontana for a few hours this afternoon, second February in a row where it’s way up for the time of year. Only 17’ below full pond. Low 50’s for water temps, never thought I’d be catching fish shallow in the back of a creek in mid-February up here like it’s pre-spawn. Such is this winter.
  10. Crazy thing this morning, there’s a stripe of snow/ice in a band that looks to be running in the 4000-5000’ elevation range on both sides of 74 from the gap to Hazelwood (plott balsams one one side, great balsams on the other). Starts just above Nothing below or above that band.
  11. In Sylva at the fly shop and you aren’t kidding about freezing fog. Soon as I dropped down a couple miles from home you could see it clinging at the tree tops and above.
  12. Nice one! Indiana is on my list of states to hunt in the future, I’ve seen some big ones while working. 2017 and last year I was in north-Central Nebraska and 2018 NW Missouri for my November hunts. Also went to Colorado for my first elk hunt last year October, -1 scouting the morning before the opener, didn’t get out of the teens the next day and then I spent all night in single digits quartering and hanging meat. Here’s my Nebraska mulie this year, also tagged out on a 10 pt later in the week after a dusting of snow and cold front blasted through: Missouri in the snow: Lots of edits = my phone hates me and kept throwing random memes and pics in the post
  13. Just came from working in Ohio, Columbus area and South from there. Been working there since November. Thursday night/Friday morning was the biggest snow they’ve had all year if I recall correctly. A whopping 3” with maybe another 1/2”-1” this morning depending on where you were and there haven’t been many snows in general when I’ve been up there, one or two other dustings but that’s it. Lots of Apps runners but too warm for most of Ohio. I know our guys working around Ft Wayne, Indiana have had to deal with quite a bit but even then well below average and I don’t think any big snows, I think 6” was the most while someone was there from our company.
  14. I know, shows you how bad a winter it has been to this point.
  15. Back in Haywood County picking up dinnsr, can see clouds pushed up against the Balsams and Smokies squeezing out all the moisture they can (wife said it still feels like the house is in a snow globe). Feel good about my chances of pulling into 3”+ and breaking the 6” mark for the season. Only about 15-20” to go to hit what I’m estimating the average for our area is, doubt we get there but I’m sure I’ll be trout fishing and turkey hunting in the cold all during April. ETA: Looks like 2” (maybe 2.5” if there was compaction/sublimation between when it stopped accumulating and now when I measured) seems to be what we got, thought for sure we’d be at 3” from the pics I got earlier from my wife with it still snowing and already having what looked to be 2”. Oh well, make it 5-5.5” for the season.
  16. We had more than 2” when I last got an update from the wife a couple hours ago. See how much I measure when I get home in 2 hours, hopefully there’s still some of that appeal left
  17. Wife said it just started at our place on the Haywood/Jackson line. I’m in southern Ohio and we have a batch of moisture coming through just like down there and 1-2-3” on the ground from yesterday morning. Will be a day of driving through snow for me it seems.
  18. Let me make it home tomorrow night with 3 inches on the ground and I’ll be happy. Break the 6” finally mark for the season to date
  19. Unless you have a time you have to be in Maggie, take 64 east from Franklin over to 276 in Brevard then 276 north up and over the Balsams to Waynesville and then to Maggie
  20. Yea, my wife said it was snowing good when she left our house earlier. Of course I’m in Ohio working, was gonna head home for the weekend if the big runs last week had held serve but oh well, hopefully we can eek out an inch or two, need 3” to break the 6” mark for the year and don’t see that happening lol. Surprisingly where I’m at in southern Ohio was supposed to be all rain but it’s started out as a sleet/snow mix.
  21. You got options. North of 40 you can drive up to Max Patch (it’ll take a while on the first service roads) and get above 4500’ or if you want a bit of a hike and to get above 5800’ you can access Mount Sterling on the east side of the National Park. You’ll have to get there from the Waterville area though, the other roads on that side of the park (Cataloochee area) are closed for construction. It’s about a 3 mile hike from the trailhead at Mount Sterling Gap.
  22. Enjoy your trip to Haywood County! Grab breakfast at Joey’s Pancake House there in Maggie, make the short drive over to the western side of Clyde and eat at the Blue Rooster cafe and then if you like beer you have Boojum Brewery in downtown Waynesville and swing by the Blue Ridge Beer Hub just down the street from there to check out their selection of brews from all over (my craft beer go to) to take home with you. Hopefully the weather cooperates!
  23. Yea we have a unique climate for sure! That’s why I love our area.
  24. So if we have NWS or CoCoRaHS stations with missing data how is it even possible to have a verified annual precipitation total for a given location? We can all sit here and say “well I got 6” in this storm and 8” in that one” til we are blue in the face but unless you are keeping accurate records of every event for all precipitation types then it’s all just a best, educated guess anyway. Sorry, it’s the engineer in me lol.