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  1. Would love to get under one of these convective snow showers and see what happens. Hopefully they don’t completely fall apart coming off the plateau. Clear skies really helping temps down here north of Chattanooga. Cool to see those north of here getting some good convective snows today!
  2. Light snow/flurries between red bank and Chattanooga right now. Decent snow shower now actually
  3. Rain/snow mixing beginning downtown Chattanooga at work now.
  4. Not looking too hopeful here north of Chattanooga. Hoping heavy returns later today could switch us over then.
  5. Temp and Dew here north of Chattanooga. Hoping Jeff’s inverted trough hopes pan out here. I’m living under overcast skies right now
  6. Even for Chattanooga? Soundings look like rain at least for the first half.
  7. Looks a good bit warmer as well. I guess that’s what you have to sacrifice a little in this situation.
  8. Had a some heavy rain change to heavy grapple for about 5 minutes while out shopping with the wife. Was fun to watch everyone panicking in the parking lot and running for there lives lol
  9. Wow lol. That is the highest I have ever seen myself. And I have seen some crazy dgex model runs from the past and thumbed through ensembles before as well. Nice find lol
  10. Hey at least it's only 9 days away instead of 10 now!
  11. I had some sleet mixed with rain but very light.