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  1. Hey at least it's only 9 days away instead of 10 now!
  2. I had some sleet mixed with rain but very light.
  3. Yeah the maps are a lot clearer and easy to see trends for me anyways.
  4. What I have is from weatherbell and I didn't think I could post from there. It's paid site, though I know that info can be gathered elsewhere from the GFS
  5. looking at the GEFS I see the HP trend is stronger than 12z. I can't post images as it is a no-no. LP in the gulf is basically the same as the 12z GEFS. However snow output decreased likely due to other influences and minor differences. As always, tiny changes make a world of difference.
  6. wow, new Euro has me at 33F at the height of precipitation at hr162 now. Sooo close even for Chattanooga. This thing is trending really really well.
  7. Ill take this as we head into December! Would like to see the PNA trend more positive but beggars can't be choosers.
  8. I’m hiking on lookout mountain right now and it’s oficially sleeting! First frozen of the year for me! Totally was not expecting this.
  9. I can't remember the last time we had a storm like this where there really was no good solution in the projected outcomes. Someones gonna get pounded bad regardless. The only hope is that this thing finds a way to stay off shore and scoot slowly out to sea or comes in weak and keeps moving northeast. Most movies you at least have an outcome to root for... Not really here. Unless you like the bad guys winning.
  10. There's just no way we see Harvey-like flooding in this right? People keep mentioning it like it's possible. Didn't Harvey have totals in the 40-50 inch range in many spots? I don't see anything showing that right now other than maybe isolated spots.
  11. I got 4 inches of rain a couple weeks ago from some storms training over me in the afternoon and thought the flooding from that was impressive... Can't even fathom what 3-4 feet would be like
  12. I'm pretty sure that's a map from yesterday's run.
  13. Living north of Chattanooga in Soddy Daisy we saw 4.30 Inches of rain yesterday. Mostly in the evening. We had a lot of localized flooding in the area. my yard turned into a flowing river that cascaded down my driveway. That was the most rain I have seen in such a short period of time since living here. It may have happened similarly before but I just wasn't there to see it. Crazy night last night.