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  1. DCA: +0.7 NYC: +0.5 BOS: -0.6 ORD: +1.6 ATL: +1.4 IAH: +0.3 DEN: -0.4 PHX: -0.3 SEA: -0.7
  2. I hope the local area tv mets got our back like this guy. He was responding to people complaining on social media that they didn't put the Bachelorette back on. His broadcast probably saved a few lives.
  3. BWI: 100 DCA: 100 IAD: 101 RIC: 100 Tiebreaker CHO: 99
  4. Dem's fightin words. Bring it!
  5. Didn't expect it, but I'll take it! This will help ease the sting of my massive Winter snowfall bust.
  6. I thought Winter was over?
  7. Biggest March disaster since 2001. (since I didn't see Ji post it yet) Ok, we new of last minute north trends.
  8. Icon has been pretty good, recently. Was the first to say no Sunday storm a few weeks back and wasn't too bad on the last storm.
  9. IAD 2.5 DCA 0.4 BWI 1.9 RIC 0.0 MBY 2.2
  10. I was one of the few that commuted in yesterday and appreciate the good work.
  11. And don't forget about our new big snow month of March afterwards.
  12. Yeah, that's my entry. Never thought i'd say the latest gfs makes me nervous.
  13. He joined mitchnick...ian... zwyts and marcus Looks like the weenies have overtaken the pros. I love snow, but admittedly find Ji's meltdowns kind of humorous. I wish the pros wouldn't take some negativity and bad posting so seriously. I'm not one of the best posters, so I mainly lurk and learn. Ji kind of reminds me of the guy in the beginning of the clip after a bad run of the Euro takes away 1 foot of his digital snow.
  14. And DT. Or has he cancelled, uncancelled, and cancelled again?