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  1. I'll never forget looking at that derecho radar and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then the whistling sound my doors made as the storm started. I was thinking that you're missing the College Park F3 tornado of 2001, but you only said decade.
  2. I was alive for 96 and voted for 96. Come on, we need another tie here. To be the top, you have to be snowing for 3 days. Only 2 storms listed here have that. Plus, we got another 6-12 inches on the Friday after that. The date for the Blizz of 96 was Jan 6-8, btw. #weekendrule
  3. I would vote Snowmageddon Part I second behind 96, mainly because I lost power for 3 days and had to listen to the Superbowl on battery powered radio. I would vote 3rd for January 25, 2000. Any storm that busts high deserves high marks, even if we didn't get 20 inches of snow. I remember hearing about getting pretty much nothing on the 6pm newscasts that night. By 7:30pm, radar hallucinations turned into reality. I remember calling my sister with these words at that point..."Go to the store now".
  4. I'd have to say 96 because we hit got another 8+ the Friday afterwards. Great storm that just wouldn't end. After the smaller 2nd storm, the Laurel Safeway awning collapsed above me because of the weight of the snow. It just sounded like shopping carts crashing together, but I heard a scream. I got nicked, but nobody really got hurt.
  5. Nah. It was me. I had to move north for better snows. What happens? Historic storm hits South.
  6. Barometer 30.53 in (1033.7 mb) Too high.
  7. Winter Storm Cirrus to affect the northern mid-atlantic (per the Weather Channel). Yeah, i'll be watching and hoping too.
  8. One can only hope. I hope I didn't jinx the 270 crew with my latest move. I just wanted to witness firsthand at least the southern edge of a psuhoffman death band during a blizzard.
  9. I think it's a southern slider, but I mainly lurk here and listen to the experts. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned that the ridge out west perhaps might be a bit too far east. And I don't link precip crashing into the pacific northwest as well.
  10. Too far east for cutters as well.
  11. I'm assuming that Ji is in hibernation until winter?
  12. http://www.quoteland.com/author/Dale-Carnegie-Quotes/352/
  13. I agree. Orpik has been getting away with this stuff for years. He only got 3 games for a similar type of hit. Just 2 minutes for interference on this one. lol
  14. I'm a Caps fan and think that Dale Hunter's suspension was legit. Does Wilson belong in this category? I think 10 to maybe 15 games would have been sufficient.
  15. Why can't I equate, Mr. know it all NHL commisioner? I'm just comparing 20 game suspensions. Show me another recent 20 game suspension that we can compare this with. Slow it down on the Umberger hit. Don't even think of going the biased route and I was rooting for Buffalo to win that game. It was a clear shot to the head of Umberger. You think that Tom Wilson's intention to injure was greater than Campbell's?
  16. I totally disagree with 20 games. Heck, Dale Hunter got 20 games for this one. And he did have a history of violence in the league going into the game. And Brian Campbell was praised for a clean hit on this one, which I certainly don't agree. No suspension and i'm not sure if he even got a penalty for this. lol
  17. DCA: Nov 15th BWI: Nov 6th IAD: Oct 29th RIC: Nov 20th Tiebreaker: October rainfall at IAD. 3.4"
  18. Just practicing up for winter when we get our foot of digital snow 5 days out.
  19. Nationals in every postseason > Euro this postseason
  20. Can't believe I didn't see any references to sun angle during the Euro.
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