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  1. Models will start to get us back in the game later tonight. You've got to believe!
  2. The Euro may have locked in best on the track. I'm pretty sure that Goofus junior was the first model to clue us in on the threat.
  3. I think models will draft south for the next day. And just when everybody gives up, we get nam'd at 0z tomorrow.
  4. Jisaster: When a full suite of model runs don't show appreciable snowfall amounts for your area.
  5. Time to get on our hecs hunter suits again HM, said KUish after the 15th the other day.
  6. Looks like the bus is taking in some serious water.
  7. That area just south of Hudson Bay gets destroyed with back to back snowstorms.
  8. Thanks for running this. Looks like we have a possible event for the middle of next week.
  9. Doesn't match the weekend rule, but it fits the week after torch rule.
  10. The CMC will save us with our low in Ohio snowstorm.
  11. We're most of all missing our coach, who has turned around a talentless Islanders squad this year.
  12. 11 was right for me as well. Just missed the deathband to my east.
  13. Heavy snow in central Moco. (I'm officially in Derwood, but am closer to Redland than Derwood)