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  1. Right now it's a HEX. It looks like we're rooting for wave 2 now. Still have time.
  2. And then let March climo setup that North trend. We have Daylight Savings Time, March Madness Selection Sunday, and if it really slows down the Superstorm's 25th anniversary is on Monday. Plenty of time to think of names if this one finally goes through for us.
  3. We never got a southern trend on the models and Euro finally decides to beat the GFS.
  4. Somebody posted in another forum that Cantore was going to Boston this Thursday. Maybe we can keep the west trend going and give him rain.
  5. He did mention that we should root for a slower northern stream and stronger southern system that stays separate long enough. Here's to hoping the trends continue and we get Nam'd in an hour.
  6. Pann's model Deep Thunder will save us.
  7. This GFSter is about to get serious. Number one, here we come.
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