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  1. Don't think so..When you deal with averages, everything balances out..The last 2 decades was not the climate for NY Metro..it was too snowy. This isn't the climate either..it's somewhere in the middle. There will be snowy, cold winters again..From 1972-1977 it didn't snow in this area. The same from 1983-1992..I went through those times, we celebrated a 3 inch snowstorm.
  2. It's our third La Nina year in a row, so you'd have to figure the SE ridge would be a major factor, which it has.El Nino can turn into a snowy, cold winter if it's weak or moderate..Strong Nino and you know it's going to be warm.
  3. This is most of the 70's.80's and 90's. I think the youngsters on the board think the climate of NYC is the period from 2000-2017. It's not. 12 inch plus snowstorms became common. IN the 70's, 80's you'd be happy for 4 inches. That would be a lot.
  4. Since some of us hasn't seen snow accumulate by the end of January it puts up some red flags..I don't know I'm over with it already. Losing interest in a hurry
  5. Knowing you, I am so shocked you would say that.
  6. Total nonsense..Weather 2 to 3 weeks in advance is hard to forecast. I mean we have people here who think they can figure out specific storm systems and patterns 6 weeks in advance. Some try it as a hobby and some are trolls.The person who said February is shot is the same person who won't be around if we get into a snowy cold pattern in a few weeks, trust me on that.
  7. Yea if you like snow this winter has been a disaster so far. 2.7 snow in 1972-73 winter is the least snow..We might take a shot at it. Next winter looks like a weak el Nino which might be better news for us. I guess you have to grin and bear it.
  8. If MJO 8 fails by mid late month I think even you will be throwing in the towel.I'll start thinking about baseball and Spring.
  9. 5 degrees in Dillsburg PA reminds me of Christmas 1980
  10. Well really past day 10 on any ensemble, OP is useless..And then CFS put's monthly's and seasonal out which is a joke. How can any model predict the weather 3-6 months ahead. Basically it's for entertainment use, but some forecasters take it seriously
  11. Nobody was talking about global warming from 2002-2014..when every other year was a blockbuster winter for snow. The coastal sections of the mid atlantic, NYC are not a snowy climate lets face it. Most of the 70's, 80's and 90's it hardly snowed here, especially in December. I think it's Mother Nature's way of balancing things out to normal.Man it took 10 years to get a snowfall over a foot in NYC from 83-93. And 9 years from 69-78
  12. That's when we'll probably get snow. lol
  13. Also tons of bad luck. It's just dates on the calendar really. I doubt the climate says you will be warm from December 17th through the 25th
  14. Very 70's, 80's and 90's..western trough and -PNA dominated..There were exception's that lead to great winters,but really this is climo in December for NYC and the coastal sections
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