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  1. Hope you and the new little one are doing well! :)

  2. Oh PUH-LEEZE......Go Packs! ;)

    And enjoy your ice. HEHE!

  3. Yes, Virginia, I AM a Packers fan!

  4. Well i hope y'all get some snow before X-mas, it'd be nice for your kids to play in..

  5. Eh, nothing too exciting, i guess. Getting ready for the holidays, moving in the spring (don't worry - staying in MI! HEHE!).

  6. The normal stuff. Getting ready for X-mas, awaiting some snow. Trying to sneak a break from our long softball season. But all is good. How about you?

  7. Hahha! Yeah, go Spartans! ;)

    So what's new over there? :)

  8. Hey glad you made it over.. I was thinking of you over the weekend, when Mich. State beat my PSU!!

  9. Yeah ok, whatever....hahaha!

  10. YOU FOUND US! THANK CHRIST! Wouldn't be winter without you. :)