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  1. afterimage

    January 11-13 Winter Storm

    I feel you, east of you in eastern Delaware county/Muncie
  2. afterimage

    December 25-29th Storm Disco

    IF this comes to fruition, the amount of rain the past day or so, and the amount that is forecast the next couple of days, with an unfrozen ground the saturation and then trees iced over, could bring many down, and/or into power lines.
  3. afterimage

    July 11-14 Severe Weather Event

    New Tornado watch out, further south and southeast...
  4. 2.5" in about 45 minutes here....unreal
  5. afterimage

    Winter 2014/15 Med/Long Range Discussion Part 3

    oh my, can we have this and then springboard into spring....goodnesss
  6. afterimage

    January 31-February 2nd Winter Storm Part 2

    starting to snow nicely but fine here...
  7. afterimage

    January 31-February 2nd Winter Storm Part 2

    agreed, Tim will be good! if not, think of warm golf in the spring...lol
  8. afterimage

    January 31-February 2nd Winter Storm Part 2

    do you think the overall pattern suggests the NAM type solution, more north, or a blend of the 3, and not as much WAA?
  9. afterimage

    January 31st-February 2nd overrunning snow event

    As you indicate it is the NAM....what is interesting is the Indy AFD you posted and the mention of 20:1
  10. afterimage

    January 25-26th Clipper

    Just under 2" here, but roads are slick and this strong east wind causing white conditions
  11. afterimage

    January 25-26th Clipper

    Sign me up lol
  12. just want to say, a long time poster, quiet as i may be....was a weather nerd at Ball State, and now own my own company, GIS based but all relevant to maps/GPS/locations, more than most...... my point, is a thank you for taking time and merging talking with the forum..... thanks --- Paul
  13. afterimage

    January 11-12 Snow/Mixed Precip

    Based on actual OBs I wonder if the ice line moves well north of Indy
  14. afterimage

    January 11-12 Snow/Mixed Precip

    Interesting, thoughts as to why south?