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  1. Quite the cloud structure for this Tropical Storm so far...
  2. New WC merch has just come out recently! Check it out today! https://shop.spreadshirt.com/texas-weather-center/ Texas Weather Center
  3. https://www.weathercentertx.com/us-hurricane-center/hurricane-ida-news/ TROPICAL STORM IDA DATA
  4. This is a pretty good one @David-LI http://www.trackthetropics.com/ They have everything all in one page of info, which is awesome. Also refer to the post I made here:
  5. Texas Weather Center https://www.weathercentertx.com/us-hurricane-center/ Here are several useful links for tracking hurricanes so you can stay up to date with hurricane data! https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ http://www.trackthetropics.com/ https://www.nesdis.noaa.gov/hurricane-imagery
  6. Texas Weather Center recently updated and released more on its Weather 101 page! Here you guys can see tons of stuff like Meteorology 101, types of weather, etc! This page is a work in progress... Like what you see on WC? Please register for free, we'd love to have you! Plus you get bonus material and perks when you register! https://www.weathercentertx.com/weather-101-different-types-of-weather/ Texas Weather Center
  7. I've never heard of this, this is so cool! Thank you @SnowSentry!
  8. Here you can track hurricanes from Texas Weather Center's website! We just updated our hurricane page! Weather Center – Know the Weather | Learn the Weather HURRICANE CENTER PAGE: https://www.weathercentertx.com/us-hurricane-center/
  9. WC uses Radar Scope actually, one of our favorite radars
  10. Anyone heard of the Wheel of Tor? I've been studying up on that recently since the start of May...
  11. Anyone have any thoughts on the next big severe weather system that could move in this May? We had a good one on Monday (May 3rd) and Tuesday (May 4th) that went through the south but we could be seeing a lull for a bit it seems. Also anyone who is interested in brushing up on tornadoes here's a great place to do that! https://www.weathercentertx.com/weather-101-different-types-of-weather/tornado-safety/
  12. That's cool. I haven't heard much about that but it looks interesting now as I research it. Have you heard of the mysterious world wide sounds? Do you have any theories on what it could be?
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