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  1. Whats the end game? Zero Covid cases? You have to assume that things ‘should’ be improved by the start of football. Vaccination rates should be well above 60%. There is an end game, there has to be. What is it? People are at their ends with all of this, especially the vaccinated. That number of people gets even larger every day. I see these restrictions being met with pushback.
  2. People are dying out there man. Covid is posing a substantially higher risk than (currently) 1 - 1000000 women developing blood clots. Actually, I have to defend Silvers Tweet. He’s right, statistically yanking this vaccine is deadly.
  3. Zero risk is impossible. Right? Im not defending the tweet either. But it seems odd. Honestly
  4. Please correct me if Im wrong. But doesn’t birth control cause a number of women to develop blood clots. I read that its 1 - 1000 women.... Thats substantially higher than the risk associated with the JJ vax. Wow @ the FDA for yanking this so fast. Im puzzled as to why.
  5. ATL is an incredible city. Love the city and that state. You did good on moving there. Edit: Were you not in GA? Seems you moved again?
  6. Tech/Infotainment based automotive suppliers. Ill have to link the Crain’s business article. It mentioned talent specifically.
  7. Austin has become a tech meca and is fairly educated. Also theres major rumblings of large NYC Financial firms moving to Florida.
  8. A couple automotive suppliers in the Detroit area just packed up and moved their corporate offices to other states. One being Florida (Tampa) and another being Texas (Austin). Climate, talent pool and taxes are a perk to many strapped companies. Anyhow, this isnt quite virus related but it’s pertinent to this post.
  9. Why did you quarantine after the vaccine? The jab doesn’t make you ‘infectious’.
  10. Well said. It pretty much summed up why working out at a gym is special. Its not just a gym, but a community of like minded people. That is why still gyms exist, even in the era of home gym programs and equipment. Masks have never been worn by the majority at my gym since day one of reopening. Contracting C19 or the common flu is a risk you conjured up upon going. Many people have held off returning until just recently, and its only because of the jab. Things are quickly rolling along to sense of pre covid normalcy. Vaccination rates are increasing and people are more confident of continuing on with how life should be lived. Look no further than any gym parking lot across America, they are jam packed now.
  11. Governor Whitmer MI (D) - She just had her press conference and ‘urged’ a pause on youth sports. Due to incredible social and political pressure, she is leaving it up to the people to enact mitigation. Its a refreshing approach. "To be very clear, these are not orders, mandates or requirements," Whitmer said of her requests to schools, athletes and restaurants. "A year in, we all know what works and this has to be a team effort. We have to do this together. Lives depend on it." - Detroit News. Michigan has been throttling up the vaccination efforts too. Wont be long before hospitalizations trek down. State is moving along. Whitmer took a jab at the Biden Admin. She is pissed about the lack of available J&J doses that the Feds are sending.
  12. On and off T Storms here. Had a few good gusts of wind and crack of thunder. Definitely feels like spring today. Not looking forward to the cool down next week. I find it rather annoying.
  13. And thats where good parenting fills the gap.
  14. This - 100% especially K-5.