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  1. Yep, I drove up from TN yesterday afternoon. From Knoxville to LaFollette, mostly bare ground. Jellico Mountain was covered with snow and ice. From Jellico to about a couple miles south of Corbin it was mostly bare it looked. Snow and ice zone grew thicker between London and Corbin.
  2. Overall, above average winter here in Laurel County/London. We had the Christmas storm, last night's event (3-4" area wide), the ice storm and numerous ankle biter snows, including one about a week after Thanksgiving. We need the thaw so work crews can get out and repair downed lines in the region, still lots without power as I write this. Would not mind another snow to track in March, but by late March I'm well into spring mode.
  3. I’ll be ready for spring in a couple of weeks. Had to take our son back to Camp Lejeune on Tuesday. The marshes near the coast were alive with spring peepers.
  4. Hoping we can bust on forecasted high temperatures tomorrow. I’d like to keep a decent snow pack until the big thaw that starts on Sunday
  5. Steady, moderate snow in Laurel County, KY. Hope to get some of that intense banding in here
  6. Nothing here. Completely amazed. Areas over in Pulaski county are getting pasted.
  7. Cold air stubborn here in the London, KY area. Still sitting at 23 degrees with thickening cloud cover. Unless things change rapidly, the 32 forecasted by JKL through mid afternoon could bust. We have a thick layer of ice and 1-2” of snow on top. still many without power after the last storm
  8. Hope nobody is traveling into KY tonight. I-75 closed both directions in Rockcastle County, KY. KSP reporting roads are becoming ice covered
  9. Ice accumulating noticeably on power lines and trees in Laurel county , KY. My driveway and sidewalk a sheet of ice and the grass is even getting slick.
  10. That would be a terrible outcome for the London/Corbin area. I keep hoping for a bit of colder air to turn this into more sleet or snow, but we are running out of time
  11. I’ll take snowfall run of the GFS. Ice no thanks. WKYT’s Chris Bailey mentioned the NAM shifted a bit west
  12. WS Watches being issues for PAH and JKL. JKL forecast most of eastern KY with 3-5 inches of snow/sleet, with .5 inch ice.
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