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  1. Made it to down to 21F this morning. Hopefully this is the last night below 32. I’m ready to de-winterize the pop up
  2. I’m excited to say that I officially have the WS-5000! Turns out my wife got it for my birthday, haha (she reached out to a friend of mine in the met field who suggested it). Seems to be working pretty well despite not being in a great location. I plan on building a more permanent location in my backyard once the snow melts away.
  3. From my experience in the field, I doubt you would get consideration without a Met degree. Iceman is right, you would have to start your own company. Even doing that, it’d be suggested to have someone with a Met degree on board to make your company more “legit”.
  4. A very meh event for the LV. The QPF doesn’t seem to be there. I’ve been pretty conservative in my thinking for this area. I was thinking 4-8” this afternoon but after looking at the latest, 3-6” is probably better.
  5. 27.6” total for my final measurement. Snowed for basically 53 hours. Crazy length but tbh not the best in terms of prolonged rates.
  6. 26.3” in Hellertown as of 7 AM. Could we actually have a shot at 30”?! Hrrr says yes. Let’s do it!
  7. 24.1” in Hellertown. Made it to two feet at last! For me, this is the largest snowstorm that I’ve measured. Unfortunately, I wasn’t at home for the 2016 blizzard, so I never had a chance to measure that beast. I didn’t live in PA in ‘96, and all the other blizzard I’ve gone through never made it to two feet. What a storm! (but ongoing!)
  8. 20.9”. Still have my sights on 24”. Afternoon mix with sleet and heaviest axis of snow just off to my NW in the last couple of hours has delayed getting to that number a bit. Still though, definitely overperforming compared to expectations.
  9. Mostly back to snow in Hellertown. Some pinging still. Damn this pocket of warmer air, haha. Up to 18.8”. Thinking 24” is definitely obtainable.
  10. Damn warm pocket aloft is killing me. Snow/sleet mix. Really can’t complain though. You guys had it rough south
  11. Weirdest thing ever in the middle of this band. Visibility has gone all the way up to 1-1.5 miles.
  12. Largest flakes of my life right now. These guys are 2” wide!