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  1. Waking up to a light covering of snow. About 0.1”
  2. 1.1” as the first batch winds down (depending what happens this afternoon/tonight)
  3. Just like that, it’s pretty much all big flakes with visibility down to 1 mile
  4. Light snow with a touch of sleet (bigger flakes are starting to mix in.
  5. Some patchy ice on elevated surfaces here. Around 32 based on local obs
  6. Light sleet/rain mix in Hellertown. Expected to go over to all rain within the hour
  7. Oh wow, it’s definitely a pricy item from what I just saw. Doesn’t surprise me though that the higher tag price would yield better results. Is it worth the extra money?
  8. Going along with another recent post, I wanted to open this one to cover a broader selection. I’m starting to look at purchasing a home weather station myself and wanted to see if anybody had input. I have seen reviews on the 6250 Vantage Vue, the Tempest weather system, and the Ambient Weather WS-5000/WS-2000. Looking to see who has what and whether these are accurate for rainfall/wind. Any other suggestions would be helpful!
  9. 8.3” total in Hellertown. Was disappointed to only get 5.1” on the front end, but managed to get an additional 2.2” of snow after an inch of a mostly sleet mixture.
  10. Only 5.7” in Hellertown with light sleet. Guess if we get another 3” for the rest of the storm my 8-12” verifies. Will be the best since the Nov ‘18 surprise.
  11. Mix of snow/sleet in Hellertown. Had 5.1” as of 730p. Didn’t even do better than SE PA. Just despicable.
  12. After further evaluation, it’s mostly a mix with snow. CC would argue that as well as the mixing line is having a tough time progressing north. 5”
  13. I can attest to that. Hellertown still dumping.
  14. 4” in Hellertown. 2-3”/hr rates ongoing.