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  1. yeah, the second half of that winter was very active. the first half of that winter was basically snowless everywhere. we had a severely negative ao/nao the entire winter though. i'm guessing the first half of the winter must have been a lot of suppression. eventually the dam broke and we cashed in.
  2. ikcarsky sounds like the My Pillow guy. take some herbal supplements + hcq and call him in the morning. he'll even give you a a free pillow if you take his cocktail potion.
  3. i believe we had a severely negative -nao/-ao during the winter of 59-60. and yet we were completely snowless until sometime in february that season? patience.
  4. if all people need to care about is the risk of dying, then you're probably correct. however, long-term covid symptoms is a very real thing people are experiencing. it appears similar to chronic lyme disease. and if you talk to people who have chronic lyme -- their lives are miserable. hopefully chronic covid doesn't become a big problem, but it definitely lingers in some people longer than the flu. measles has a much lower ifr than covid and we vaccinate for that.
  5. federalism means most management, governance and coordination is delegated (federated) to the states. my point was that this doesn't work when managing a crisis. the government should play a more central role but it currently doesn't. germany employs federalism as well, but they coordinate much better amongst their regions than we do.
  6. we're having the same issues with the vaccine rollout that we had with testing. federalism doesn't work for crisis management.
  7. well, in this case, it appears the rain/snow line for these storms is west of chicago. montreal, quebec and even labrador are getting rain.
  8. so we have a -ao/-nao/+pna, and yet all storms cut west of chicago for the next two weeks? teleconnections are basically meaningless if that's how we roll now.
  9. it appears the 2020 life expectancy will go down between 2-3 years. 2019 life expectancy was 78.8...they are expecting the 2020 life expectancy to be about 76.8. biggest drop since world war II. we've also experienced the biggest increase in deaths since the spanish flu in 1918. if doctors are supposedly just switching the cause of death to covid, in order to get more reimbursement, how exactly does that explain the above? (don't answer...it's a rhetorical question for the conspiracy theorists)
  10. 3400 dead today. for context: on average, heart disease kills 2100 per day, cancer kills 1800 per day. so right now covid is killing almost as many people as heart disease and cancer combined. but hey, it's not that fatal, 99.997% survive. or something.
  11. yes, i've brought this up too. honestly, i think some of these people need to get off twitter, and take a tour of an overflowing hospital.
  12. tom cruise yelled at the maskless people on the movie set. too funny. honestly, this should be how we deal with the anti-mask contingent. dr. fauci is just way too nice. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/13489709/tom-cruise-covid-rant-mission-impossible-2/
  13. technically florida allows 100% occupancy at sports venues, but nobody has tried to do that.
  14. this also isn't a classic miller B. it's closer to a miller A, if anything. And miller A's tend to have more warm air with them.
  15. Even with vaccination increasing, I would expect some outbreaks arise once we truly go back to normal, i.e. packed stadiums, concerts, conferences. As vaccination levels increase, restrictions will decrease - which, for a while, will probably be counteracting forces that keep case counts relatively high for a while.
  16. death counts are high there. hospitalization counts tend to flatten off once the death counts get high. sometimes you have other data issues where not all hospitals are reporting.
  17. ah yes, you're probably one of those people who thinks "my neighbor is doing great, therefore we can't be in a recession". my company has grown too. doesn't mean the economy hasn't slowed down. our 14 trillion economy isn't represented by your company.
  18. I guess most economists are also engaging in hyperbole because they’re worried about the same thing. The economy has slowed down big time since the summer. That’s irrefutable.
  19. pennsylvania is closing indoor dining and gyms for the rest of the calendar year.
  20. we've become a third world country in some respects. not in terms of wealth, but in terms of government and societal dysfunction. we have 3000 people dying per day and slowly heading into a double-dip recession. our government is incapable of addressing the needs of the people. meanwhile, we have a gigantic fundraising scam going on ($500 million dollars and counting) that is completely based on a fake story ("rigged" election). geez, donate your money to a food bank instead. were people this stupid 20 years ago? i'd like to think not, but maybe social media has made stupidity contagious.
  21. by his logic, heart disease and cancer aren't that fatal either. actually, by his logic, nothing is really that fatal. lol
  22. i believe that the european countries that are currently under restrictions gave people/businesses money in advance.
  23. you do realize that covid is the leading cause of death in america right now, correct? but other than that, sure, it's not fatal.
  24. but i think those tradeoffs were considered. at the end of the day, would you allow, say, 2 million people to die in order to prevent a hypothetical 10% increase in the suicide rate? currently, there's been an increase in suicides amongst health care workers because they've been working practically nonstop for the past 9 months and they feel like nothing is being done to help them.
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