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  1. I’ll be in bethany at that time, come on down and party, the beach needs a little liveliness this time of year.
  2. Kind of like the bomb cyclone track but further west.
  3. It will definitely *NOT* snow with that look. Happiness = reality minus expectations
  4. I think they call it Dr no in the mid Atlantic forum for a reason..??
  5. That’s what happens when you’re the captain of catastrophe
  6. True, though I’d still rather have this pattern in January than in May.
  7. When the crickets start chirping, the forum goes mute
  8. Still an eternity between now and game time.
  9. And this also means that at some point, areas further north and east will cash in right????? Theory of atmospheric balance????
  10. It should be a felony to post a d10+ map unless it shows a blizzard for Puerto Rico.
  11. But the mid Atlantic cashed in on 2/6/10 which was the biggest gut punch to nyc that I could remember! I just wonder if the 95 corridor will ever see a repeat of 95-96 where everyone cashes in.
  12. Spotted 2 flakes here in Raleigh! That’s like 6 whole flakes for the season!
  13. I moved here from NYC a few months ago and don’t remember ever having a widespread flood/severe day like this up there, even in spring or summer.
  14. The GFS is in massive debt this year in the SE considering it still owes Jacksonville a blizzard from last month.
  15. Literally the worst model ever in every single scenario. Tomorrow it will show a blizzard in the Yucatán and we will sing songs of suppression depression.
  16. Don’t we need that big High to be wayyyy further south?
  17. D10+ is a perpetual mirage and yet we never learn.
  18. Hard to get excited when Dr. No isn’t really onboard...
  19. And that pattern lived up to the hype but it feels like it’s been nothing but massive whiffs ever since.