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  1. We track Large-scale pattern features the amplified ridge axis shifting eastward, off the Atlantic seaboard. This sets up a broad moist- sector with PWAT values per GFS/Canadian rising to summerlike and tropical-type levels (around 1.75 to near 2") by late in the week. This feed of moisture is tied to southerly flow ahead of a closed upper-low progged over the lower MS Valley/eastern portions of the Southern Plains, with another northern-stream upper trough in the stronger belt of westerlies over the northern Plains/Canadian Prairies.
  2. funny to read people excited about ruining a nice weekend
  3. 85-92 look regionwide on the euro
  4. coc length extended through later next week
  5. Next winter is over ten months from now. Sweet
  6. Yeah, it is chilly with the setting sun. Ramp that dew up to low 60s and its perfect for May
  7. If you have never lived outside of eastern MA, it is easy to understand that
  8. yeah, again right thru next winter
  9. what an incredible run of weather. very very long summer incoming
  10. oh, we're ready. helicopter loot and a few NFL raiders what not games and most everyone's properly satiated.
  11. very very lucky to get that blocking to pop and deflect that awful mess south. I think eckster mentioned that a few days ago on gyx afd
  12. Phineas done with 18 hour shifts? Stopped reading last week
  13. but I need to turn on the boob tube to see the pro sports guy throwing the sports ball around, that's what's important in life! ;(
  14. it was the equiv of a 4-8" snow event to winter weenies