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  1. We sacrificed a lot of bachelorettes to the snow gods. Like a lot.
  2. I'm at a little over 3" by the Nashville zoo.
  3. NAM likes to show us getting buried in snow in the 60-84 hour range. Beautiful clown maps that are good for daydreams of winter wonderlands, but they rarely materialize.
  4. If that TWC outlook is as good as their February outlook, then assume the opposite that's shown.
  5. I like every one of those individuals. Not often that happens.
  6. That stretch of 24 is a nightmare on a good day. People go way too fast through there.
  7. This aren't the best pictures, but all that I could find. This is Nashville from February 16, 2015. All of this is sleet/ice. It was a tad slippy.
  8. It seems like a repeat of 2015 with back to back ice/sleet events for the midstate.
  9. Y'all talking about a 12" event are getting greedy I'll settle for a 2" event. I haven't had anything in a few years.
  10. Ah, makes total sense. Thanks. Now I see what you're talking about in the second one where it barely nudges above freezing. (BTW, they sure do cram a lot of information on those Skew-T''s)
  11. Thank you for taking the time on those. Very informative. Can you help a newbie out with a question? I'm slowly learning how to read these things. You said the last one is snow all the way down. The dewpoint and temperature meet at about 650 and it's maybe around 2-3 degrees C at that point and then it falls . How do you interpolate that it it snow shown? Is the snow actually being produced further down at like 800 or so?
  12. I saw it with my own eyes out in Brentwood earlier.
  13. That was such a great storm for me. Walked out to go to work at 6:00, saw a light dusting and figured I'd wait just a bit to see how it went. Glad I waited because it got deep very quickly and rush hour got bad for a lot of people. We ended up with 9" and it was one of the biggest snows I've seen in my 36 year life here in Nashville.
  14. Anyone out towards the Clarksville/Dickson part of the state seeing any flakes making it down through the dry air?
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