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  1. TWC very bullish for the event tomorrow
  2. Have about 3” inches of snow/sleet Snowshoe WV. It’s now heavy freezing rain coming down now. I’m expecting to lose power here soon. God speed everyone.
  3. I’m at my cabin in snowshoe WV. I’m expecting a crazy night. Hopefully will see some big fatties
  4. A few of us may see around 12”. Especially the peeps in the western part of the forum.
  5. TWC is very bullish with the snowfall. Even some isolated spots of 12”-18”.
  6. Updated* We should see winter storm watches tomorrow.
  7. I Might go to Snowshoe for this event. It’s a hard call where the jackpot will be. I do think someone will see around 12”.
  8. This my call for Saturday night - Tuesday. Most of us if not all of us should see 6”+ imo. This storm should bring a smile to all of our faces
  9. I’m headed out to snowshoe, WV tomorrow for this event. Hopefully I’ll see 12+ for the event total.
  10. Accuweather out with a snowfall map. Storm max 36” inches is a joke
  11. Get that porn for center VA out of here! Dam my eyes are hurting
  12. Accuweather going crazy lol. calling for up to 1” inch of freezing rain for this event for my cabin in West Virginia. this could get wild
  13. I have. I don't think DT will be right. That being said, he has been right in the past when I thought he would be wrong.
  14. DT posted this snowfall map late last night for the storm early next week. Seems like he is thinking the heaviest stuff might be in SW Virginia.
  15. I have about 13'' inches now at my cabin near snowshoe. expecting at least 5'' more inches now until Wednesday.
  16. This morning from the NOAA office in West Virginia.
  17. Have picked up about 8” since Friday. Slatyfork West Virginia at an elevation of 3,300. Expecting 3-6” more now until Wednesday.
  18. Heavy sleet falling elevation 3,300 in Pocahontas West Virginia near Snowshoe. Temperature 32
  19. Snowfall forecast Today - Tuesday TOTAL snowfall. Flurries are possible in DC Saturday.
  20. Snowfall for this weekend. -_-