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  1. Still snowing! Now up to almost 8” inches
  2. At my location near Snowshoe, WV I have about 6” inches with snow drifts over 20” inches. still snowing moderately
  3. About 4'' inches of snow at my location near Snowshoe, WV. Still snowing
  4. As of 6:05 light snow is falling and sticking at elevation 3,200 near Snowshoe, West Virginia. Next update at 10:00 PM (with snow photos)
  5. Headed to my cabin near Snowshoe, WV. Expecting to see 5-10" inches. I'll post the snowfall.
  6. May go to Snowshoe Mountain WV this weekend! NAM 12km 18z
  7. 70% for one inch or more is pretty solid
  8. I-64 seems like it’ll be the cut off for 1 inch or more imo
  9. It’s not a big deal. I won’t be worried or excited until I see the 18z runs tomorrow. Nam it
  10. Thankful it’s the ICON and not the GFS. the ICON did horrible for that storm in 2018
  11. Guys this was the forecast by accuweather within 36 hours of the 2018 snowstorm. They were calling for maybe 1-2” in Charlottesville and 1” for Richmond. As you can see Charlottesville got around 12” inches and Richmond got around 12” inches as well. Heavy snowfall even got into Colonial Beach. (Things can and will CHANGE and this is a great example of that.) #weenies
  12. DT is saying 1” for Charlottesville, 1-2” for Richmond and 3-5” for Raleigh
  13. CMC even brings some snow up near DC. Possibly an inch or so near Cville.
  14. Does anyone remember the snowstorm back in early December 2018? Imo I see some similarities with this one NAM 18z