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  1. When you were a little kid you could brag to people that the middle weight champion of the world was from your hometown. This was during a time when professional boxing was a lot more popular than it is today. Brockton got porked relative to the cape in January 1987, February 1987 and February 1993 and a handful of smaller not so memorable events that clipped the cape during the interior SE MA lean years. But Brockton had some decent events during this time like November 1986, veterans day 1987, January 1988, thanksgiving day 1989, December 1993, January 1994, February 1994X2. January 1990-till March 1993 was very lean in this area as anyone over 35 knows and 1986-1990 didn't have any blockbusters except that epic cape blizzard on February 1987. Being an infant of course doesn't count but February 1983 was a biggie . I also remember a couple other big ones the first half of the 1980s that did not become part of our weather lore. I could be mistaken but I remember a snowstorm the day of the Reagan assassination attempt in March 1981. I never saw widespread SNE forecast snow maps of 12-18 inches plus on SNE tv stations until December 1995 and lately events like this are commonplace.
  2. I forget what the cape had for that epic bust in February 1989 but Newport only had three inches. I know atlantic city got hammered. Two days after that Friday bust another event passed through on sunday and Weymouth led the way with 7 inches in an otherwise horrid winter. The Cape had 20 plus in February 1999 and Newport had around 12. Most of SNE had six or less in that February 1987 blizzard that buried the cape with up to two feet. Jay Leno just bought a seventeen million dollar mansion at the southernmost tip of Newport. I venture to guess that very spot gets the least amount of snow on the southern new England mainland.
  3. I've been to several games at dodger stadium in recent years. I've been to MLB games in 14 cities in my lifetime. There is nothing, absolutely nothing like the intensity of watching a game in boston or new York. Its even more intense than Philly. Certainly more intense than Baltimore. Obviously things are different these days, and of course you no longer hear any organ music at fenway. I think fenway was the last stadium in mlb to play loud music. However, the atmosphere in all these stadiums across the country has become more fan friendly the last fifteen years. I remember going to fenway and you saw lots of working class guys screaming and swearing for red sox yankee games and that doesn't happen nearly as much as it used to. I remember vicious fights inside red sox yankee games at stadium holding onto my younger brother for dear life once listening to a guy call another guy a coc k sucker. Those days are largely gone. Life in America is different but part of me does miss the combat zone and hookers, hole in the wall peep shows in times square.
  4. data for block island the last twenty years or so has been virtually non existent, and is rarely included in the box PNS reports which they've done a good job chronicling since the 1997-1998 winter. I check BID's observations all the time to monitor the rain snow line for Newport and 22 inches seems like a stretch to me. In the three big storms of 2010-2011 after boxing day block island barely got anything in all three events as the rain snow parked itself in pretty much the same spot for all three events while Newport had 5-7 for all three events which we know was significantly lower than just about all of new england. In 33 years of studying Newport's snow climo I'd put Newport at no better than 22-26 from south to north.
  5. No. I haven't been to a game since 2015 and am not in a hurry to go back. I used to go early to the old stadium and watch the guys play basketball in the outdoor court and the kids play baseball across from the basketball court. It was so New York. I remember the old handball courts too that still existed to the left of the basketball court in the 80s before they expanded the player parking lot. I used to eat at the unity coffee shop, the crown diner, or the courthouse deli between the grand concourse and river avenue across from the courthouse before each game. I went to 75 games in yankee stadium from 1994-2008 and proudly didn't eat a thing inside there. I miss the energy at stans and inside the bowling alley before each game. I often parked in the high 160s on the concourse in front of that park where they filmed a scene with al pacino from serpico in I believe 1973.
  6. Snowfall retention is certainly better in Fairfield county along the shoreline than on the Cape. 95 is one heck of an urban heat island as well. I don't really consider areas around Greenwich to be really shoreline anyway, until you get farther east. Rather than sit in traffic in late afternoons on 95 I've done a lot of driving in the neighborhoods in byram, cos cob, Greenwich over the years and I've found this area to get more snow than eastern parts of Westchester. It seems like in late afternoon rush hour even in the winter when leaving NYC traffic thins out in Westchester and as soon as you hit the CT state line traffic gets heavy again. 29.7 in Nantucket seems high. Newport at best is low 20s, block island is in the teens. I don't even think Nantucket broke out of the teens this winter.
  7. That's like saying Granny rocked when she worked the pole at Foxy Lady. The decks are recessed so far back the noise escapes into the air and the new stadium is significantly quieter. Baseball has been on the decline for a long time and it doesn't help when the sports' top franchise plays in such an ugly venue. Of course when a guy hits 52 homes there's gonna be some excitement. But the stadium is an architectural and public opinion dud in every stretch of the imagination and in less than twenty years the Yankees will be clamoring for a new stadium just like Atlanta was less than twenty years after turner field opened. MLB needs to find a new firm to design these stadiums because HOK populous aint cutting it. I don't believe any of these attendance figures 75% of these teams announce.
  8. Although technically part of the mainland because it's accessible by three bridges Newport gets the least amount of snow on the southern new England mainland. Narragansett is a couple miles due west of Newport across the bay and the leaves turn colors in Narragansett a week earlier than in Newport. The naval base in the upper part of Newport averages about 5 more inches of snow compared to the southern tip of Newport 2 miles to the south. Westerly beaches average about 4-5 more inches annually than Newport. The sub base averages a wee bit more than Noank/Mystic in the extreme SE corner of CT. The Connecticut shoreline, just about the entire Shoreline, averages more snow than the Rhode Island immediate South Coast. This doesn't apply to the Massachusetts south coast however from Westport on east where more snow falls. New Bedford averages about 10-14 more inches than Newport. Newport had 31 inches this winter while 32 miles up the road taunton had over 70.
  9. yankee stadium isn't fun anymore. It's no different than walking into any HOK ballpark in many cities in America. Only uglier. there is nothing new York about that boondoggle. It doesn't matter this year where the team plays because of all the hype surrounding the sluggers but the stadium has been a ghost town the last several years. randy Levine and lonn trost sold new York a bill of goods and the entire new York sports media bought all of it. It was scary and Orwellian hearing so many sports media selling the bogus line in 2009 "it looks just like the original stadium." Kudos to the red sox and cubs for preserving tradition. I miss the old Wrigley and fenway, but at least both franchises have kept historical landmarks.
  10. Panel interviews are designed to size you up physically. They're designed to separate the men from the boys. With presumably a lot of applicants with similar qualifications it's just like the Nixon/kennedy debate. Even if you're smarter and more qualified than the other applicants intellectually, but if you're fidgeting and not in command the other applicants will have a much better shot. In many respects it's a popularity contest. That's basically what life it. Best advice anyone can give you..try to relax.
  11. Right. I'm sure Mystic/Noank gets the least amount of snow in Connecticut. I'm sure most of the Bronx and upper part of queens gets more snow than Mystic, and especially the middle part of long island on the Suffolk/Nassau line which the PNS reports always seem to kick butt. Just as the city of Newport and Block Island gets the least amount of snow in RI and of course Nantucket in MA. This year is an exception but if I'm a snow lover I'd rather live in CAPE COD Ma Harwich than Mystic because it is impossible for extreme SE CT to get 35 inch snow bombs like the Outer Cape or blizzards like 1987, 1999, events that most new Englanders seem to forget because these were private cape events. Weenies who frequently drive from SE New England to NYC will tell you to look at the snowpiles at the mcdonalds rest stops on 95. The piles get higher as you drive westward. Or take a drive from the 95/395 merge in SE CT, drive north 10 miles or so heading to Mohegan sun and you'll see a nice difference in snow depths. Or take a drive in RI at the 95/295 merge in Warwick, drive a few miles into Johnston and you'll notice a difference. Or drive several miles along the RI border on 146 into southern Worcester county and you'll notice a nice difference. Or drive 15 miles along 95 into interior SE MA from Attleboro into Walpole and you'll notice a nice difference. It's a great part of the country if you love snow and like to study little micro-climates in populated, non-mountainous areas.
  12. Not near the dutchess diner in west haven lol.
  13. The western half of the Connecticut shoreline gets more snow than Middlesex, New London counties and the south coast of RI. Not only more snow, but better snow depths and better snow retention. In change over events New Haven can stay below freezing while farther east it spikes into the upper 30s in mystic and 40s in Rhode Island. So many events, like December 30, 2000 virtually nothing in SE CT and a ten inch snow cover in Fairfield. I was driving the night of March 5th 2001. total whiteout from Bridgeport on east. ten plus inches in a few hours in the middle of the night. By the time I reached exit 87 pouring rain. I eat at a diner in west haven. downtown west haven exit 46. I'm always surprised at the snow depths in west haven despite being right smack on the sound. There's no way west haven only averaged 20-30. All those fancy houses in Greenwich and cos cob a mile north of 95, surprisingly snowy areas.
  14. I'd push the 30-40 from Greenwich to Branford down to 95.
  15. Relative to its neighbors in the Northeast, this was one of the outer cape's worst winters in a long time. Most parts of the New York tri state really cleaned house this spring with snow totals even though the snow lasted about as long as an average larry king marriage.