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  1. Two Roads is good, they have a helluva marketing team! Sea Hag is my go-to beer Also Ghost Island (outside of my own brews that is).
  2. Full disclosure...long time lurker, limited poster (mostly the occasional ob). I'm a degreed met (WCSU '97), however I've since left the field for greener pastures in computer science. I still follow the weather (I tell my wife weather's my first love lol), but have a hard time keeping up to date on the latest in the meteorology field. This forum's a great resource, and the discussions are awesome I'm wondering what meteorology podcasts you might recommend for someone who wants to keep abreast of the latest and greatest in the field. Are there any podcasts that do model discussions? Thanks!
  3. Taken from my house in Waterbury, looking SW (hopefully I did this right)
  4. wxsean


    End of the month sounds good. Anybody have a favorite particular day of the week? I can do Wednesday, Friday and the weekend. I'll start the bidding by tossing out dates. Feb 25 or 27?
  5. wxsean


    Yeah, I think that trying to find one location that suits all is an uphill battle. We're not going to find a place for everyone, and I think the more localized gtgs are a good way to at least start. That being said, someone had mentioned Lenox MA as a good spot. Let's start with that. Who knows? Could be the start of something good
  6. wxsean


    I'm certainly in, and I could be coerced into meeting somewhere a little further north. We could certainly meet in the Waterbury area and carpool northward (I can fit three others in my car)
  7. Maybe he meant Orthodox Christmas (1/7)...?
  8. It starts....Waterbury just cancelled school for tomorrow.
  9. lol and lots of it