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  1. 30.9 to 31.3 in last 30 min in south central Wake County, NC. Steady rain - decent glaze on trees on top of the 2.5in snow/sleet pack
  2. Dusting and rain in south CLT.. 3in of snow / sleet and now freezing rain in Cary, NC.
  3. “Seeing pretty considerable sleet in my part of Charlotte, unfortunately expecting a lot more where that came from overall w/ this storm tonight & into tomorrow right up thru RDU even though taking the HRRR, RAP, & other models at face value says otherwise (bad idea).” - Eric Webb Sleetfest for the metro area is imminent.
  4. That would be significant. However, with the dry air, I see a lot of initial moisture eaten up. My guess is 1.25-1.5 for Guilford county
  5. HRRR / RAP and Global’s have CLT and RDU in the game. NAM not so much. After studying some upstream results HRRR performed best on my score list. However, Texas (Lubbock) doesn’t deal with CAD. climatology and watching some upper level jets suggest the cad will be eroded in the 850 layer due to a strong jet. My my prediction is Best case for the two metros would be 2-4. Greensboro cash’s out with 6-10. Foothills and mtns upwards of a foot and higher.
  6. Coming into scope now... Sleet and Rain (both normal and freezing) the primary elements in CLT. Strong SWly jet going to be too much and will help erode CAD aloft.
  7. The HRRR is holding on - its historically good with eroding CAD on model verification scores. It's still looking good. However, there is a 50+KT SWly jet aloft, that doesn't bode well.
  8. Nobody is “jumping off a cliff” - people are consuming the data. Right now it follows what most expected. A warm nose eroding cad.
  9. As the HRRR enters the picture
  10. While the GFS likes central NC. The EURO had a strong shift north. Im guessing the EuroENS will follow the op run. NAM did so well last winter, now that we see Euro adjusting towards NAM it worries me that it is simply getting a better track on the L and the warm air aloft that comes with it.
  11. yes. The warm nose will almost always win out.
  12. As mentioned yesterday this is a sleet storm for most (CLT/RDU even the Triad). While I do think the Triad can see maybe 8 inches (and thats a lot, this remains a snowstorm for Winston West and a mixed bag of let down (if you like snow) for the majority.