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  1. One thing the Philly eagles are good at... half the players have been running from the cops their whole life. Not surprising they run super fast.
  2. A little off topic but... Man, NE mets getting ripped for "hyping" their forecasts. Mid-atlantic mets always getting ripped for "downplaying" their forecast. Comical.
  3. Ouch... My a*s. Fell on some unexpected ice walking out on the porch steps. Small glaze of ice on front lawn trees. 32.1/31.9
  4. Maybe downcasting this snowstorm would cause this storm to overperform... it just seems that everytime we root for high totals, we get less than forecasted. So why not forecast less so we get more? AMWx logic. Now i'm gonna post less.
  5. I know, just messing with him. It's nice to mess with someone after i've been messed with many times.. lol
  6. Who cares. Remember the time when you sucked on cirrus back in 2018 from January to March?
  7. Feel bad for extreme southern DE folks who aren't getting as much as we are up here. Hope they rain til Wednesday night. sad
  8. 32.5/32.2 all precip has stopped or is very light. And there is still some sleet on the roof that hasn't melted.
  9. Still -RAPL and 33/32. Also, had about 0.2'' or so of sleet (Includes all sleet, melted, etc).
  10. -RAPL. 33/32. Precip winding down as of right now until wave number 2 and lead wave kicks in and amplifies. Then the main event.
  11. Banding according to GFS is gonna be closer to the rain/snow line with temps at or below freezing... maybe we hit higher ratios. But i don't think really ANY model knows where the banding sets up, at this point. I don't expect much more than 15:1 ratios at the highest, if another deathband is also present in the cooler temps closer to N MD... if temps remain in the 20s. In NJ/DE,S/SE PA, ratios are probably gonna be around 12:1 if temperatures are colder than 32 at their highest. Somewhere in these areas, though, someone's gonna be colder than forecast and get really high ratios. It always is a possibility. Don't expect 10:1 ratios. Maybe 8:1 or 9:1. Again, only in the deathbands and what not. Pretty much almost all models sum it up: Lead low over Kentucky or that area will break free. Then the main developing LP, which is around all those thunderstorms in N FL, comes in, and the Mid-Atlantic sub-forum gets hammered during the main event tomorrow if the right set up comes to fruition. And we get our main event. Right now, the first kicker is moving in and we still have our pretty strong suppression stream over N NE. That's all i know right now.
  12. FINALLY the goddamn site WORKS. It's been so slow. But anyways, got a few minutes of moderate to heavy sleet. 33/33. Temperatures slowly dropping.
  13. Storm cancel. Now, start thinking about summer.
  14. Rain/sleet mix just starting to approach the area. 38/33.