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  1. Philly probably got closer to 33" for JAN 1996...

  2. Philly probably got closer to 33" for JAN 1996...

  3. It was very nice to meet you, Josh at the GTG!

  4. That Union County gotten, then we can really compare.

  5. You really make a case that Jan 1996 is still the king of them all for Jersey. So many what ifs in 2010... February 6, 2010 and December 2010; both worthy of giving 96 a run for its money.

    And the banding in Dec 2010 for the Westfield area was bonkers, my friend claims it was a bit better than 96 over there (32.1" vs 30" in 96) I only wish that we got into the bands that Un...

  6. Good point of view. Its a tough call either way; of course, 96 much longer as you know, whereas Dec 2010 had better snow rates and wind, I really was pretty shocked at the winds from Dec 2010 and its power. Scary it all fell in around 18 hours... if Dec 2010 was 6 hours longer, wow, really would have possibly exceeded Jan 1996.

  7. BLIZZ of 2010 and BLIZZ of 96 are the two titans for NJ.

  8. Holy crap man you have your OWN FOURM!!!!!!!

  9. yeah four days...



  10. February 4-7th 1920 is the king of them all.

    17 inches of sleet. FOUR days of SNOW.

    IF all snow. 51 inches for NYC.

    5 inches of QPF.

  11. December 2010 vs January 1996...

    Who wins?

  12. Ok, I am joking..



  14. You are one hell of a poster. Kudos man!!!

  15. All set for storm #2.

  16. March 1843.... Wow....

  17. Yes, JAN 1996 had a bit higher snow total here as well, (My father tells me 27" fell in '96, as compared to 24" with this past one, which I measured). But if this past one was just six more hours longer (full 24 hours) all of us would have been 30-36" range rather easily... I think an overlooked storm(s) that dumped 30+ over our regions are: March 1914 and December 1915....


  18. I believe one more historic snowstorm is in the cards this season, Tom.

  19. The last storm, yes it was, what a great storm it was... The worst storm I have seen... You too also said that.

  20. This is #1.... given EVERYTHING that has happened with the modeling, banding, snow rates, winds, and the short but very intense duration..... This blizzard does it for me... Move over January 1996.....

  21. Happy Birthday Tim!

  22. how are you man?

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