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  1. That Union County gotten, then we can really compare.

  2. You really make a case that Jan 1996 is still the king of them all for Jersey. So many what ifs in 2010... February 6, 2010 and December 2010; both worthy of giving 96 a run for its money.

    And the banding in Dec 2010 for the Westfield area was bonkers, my friend claims it was a bit better than 96 over there (32.1" vs 30" in 96) I only wish that we got into the bands that Un...

  3. yeah, the sheer volume of snow in 96 was over the top (lol... over the top of everything). to me, all other storms are only in its category when you start adding "ifs" ....as in "if the dec 2010 storm lasted longer." the snow rates at times in the 96 storm were every bit as good as dec2010. but then again, i was not in the 30"+ band in dec2010. but i did reach 20 inches.

  4. Good point of view. Its a tough call either way; of course, 96 much longer as you know, whereas Dec 2010 had better snow rates and wind, I really was pretty shocked at the winds from Dec 2010 and its power. Scary it all fell in around 18 hours... if Dec 2010 was 6 hours longer, wow, really would have possibly exceeded Jan 1996.

  5. ooops. didnt see your comment/question until today regarding dec2010 vs. jan96. tough call. since 96 was a more widespread 20"+ event... and really a 27"+ event right thru the heart of the state from camden to wrightstown to newark, i'd stick w/ 96 as having produced the single highest total at some location within NJ. ...just in terms of likelihood.

  6. December 2010 vs January 1996...

    Who wins?

  7. Thanks for the call out last night here:

    Is the zip code in my location too much for you to comprehend?

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