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  1. is the euroWX.com maps worth anything? because they are not as robust as the map yee ol' Benchmark posted
  2. DTs calls have been bad this year in my backyard. if the euro is right, DT will be wrong on this one too for most of NJ
  3. latest JB comment: "GFS back south again. UKMEY back further north than last night. I dont believe model handling of this as it continues to look bizarre to me." makes no mention of canadian.
  4. bastardi's analogs for next winter: 1958, 2003, 2010. jebus. lol. i hope he's right.
  5. JB via twitter: "The Curse of GFS remains for NYC 4 days out, if no storm they get it, 4 days out if it has a storm.. not. Should have known better"
  6. DT's final call issued at 2pm has the 3" running thru NYC. and the 6" line near the monmouth/ocean county line.
  7. hell if i know. unfortunately the trends suck... but i would think you have a decent shot at getting close. follow the HRRR all day as it updates hourly. it goes out 15 hours. looks like there's some hope there... HRRR is a power hitter. hits a lot of home runs, but strikes out a lot too. http://rapidrefresh.noaa.gov/HRRR/Welcome.cgi?dsKey=hrrr_jet&domain=t3&run_time=02+Mar+2014+-+16Z
  8. DT's "first call".......... 3" line thru southern MHV, southern CT. 6" line thru NYC. 9" line just south of philly. he thinks euro is overdone on snow suppression. fwiw.
  9. nick gregory just posted map on twitter. 6-8 NNJ, NYC, westchester, rockland, LI, coastal CT. 3-6" farther north. 8-12" immediately south of the city
  10. that's a really weird way to describe his first guess map. how about "8-14 inches region wide"??? because that's exactly what his map says. his map is completely uniform over our entire area... this includes new jersey, where oddly half this sub forum lives. DT also said, "with all of the data extremely strong on the indication that the positive TNH pattern is going to last through the entire month of March... It's possible [ny/nj/ct] will break the all time snow records."
  11. thanks for the quote. maybe i misunderstood his twitter comment. maybe he was saying snow amounts nw of the big cities was underdone, vs. suggesting the big cities werent going to get big snow.
  12. where did he say that? this is what he tweeted around 12:30pm-ish: "Raging Weatherbull video discusses why GFS, as impressive as it is, is likely underdone on Major ne snow later next week n/w of big cities"
  13. lol. wow. no... i have not seen weathernation. thanks for giving me something to be thankful for! to me the weather channel is approaching Sesame Street status. they are literally one step away from having fluffy puppets presenting the weather. ...because having ryan seacrest clones doing the weather isnt paralyzingly disturbing enough!
  14. it is extraordinary how unwatchable they have become. i literally feel anger when watching the weather channel. their insidious attempt to incorporate storms into their brand by naming them... and then vocally vomiting the name every 20 seconds for days on end is the equivalent of chinese water torture.
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