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    Pink Floyd, The Doors, America, Classic Rock, Music from the 60's-today. NY Giants, NY Mets, NY Knicks and NY Rangers, WWE. Watching and playing sports. Love nostalgia/rarities and of course WX expecially Winter!

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  1. Wow yes it is. How did I miss that lol. 29. Sorry about that.
  2. Do you have 1995? Just curious.
  3. BLIZZ of 2010 and BLIZZ of 96 are the two titans for NJ.

  4. I dont know how cpa did from 80-99.I wasnt living here, Im from Va. Im curiouss tho.

  5. np man...enjoy the snow...thanks for the post

  6. I saw your post to that guy before it was deleted. Thank you for having my back and i appreciate the compliment. I shouldn't have asked for Newark in the first place as I know better than that by now.

  7. Hey there. My in-laws have a house in Big Bass Lake. How close are you to the clubhouse? They're house is right across the street from it.

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