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  1. Well screwed again lol...we need to move.

  2. I dont know how cpa did from 80-99.I wasnt living here, Im from Va. Im curiouss tho.

  3. i dont know man. u hate to get ur hopes up.lol. would love to see the american models get on board, really liking the euro and canadian tho. eventually, this screwjob will end.hope its now.it is ridiculous how the models are so fickle basicaly every run.i do like the track running from alabama thru ga and into central NC.I think with that track a .5 qpf is likely.What about you?What u think?

  4. what do you think man...is this our time

  5. well said,lol. I will keep in touch with u. maybe work out a time for that beer.

  6. sounds good...Idk why we can't say that IPT is the land weather forgot..it is! Big whoop, but ya sounds good!

  7. Absolutely man!Sounds like a great idea. For now, Im gunshy about posting. Too much bs from some ppl. Those guys need to lighten up. I will keep in touch with ya bro.

  8. Hey man let me know if ur in any other boards, I really enjoy talking to ya, we should get together for a beer and talk weather if ur free!

  9. yep.seems pretty good.nice find.