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  1. It's a personal choice for everyone, even though I certainly didn't phrase it that way.  Should have said "as a healthy person under 60, I personally wouldn't rush to get the vaccine..."

    2 minutes ago, TauntonBlizzard2013 said:

    Someone who wants things to get back to normal? I’ll take it, somebody is going to have to in order for us to get back to some sort of normal. And I don’t think they’ll be administering something that’ll give you 5 heads in a year, I’m sure the risks will be low.

    I do find it funny how everyone is clamoring for a return to normal and when push comes to shove a lot of folks are like “ehhhhh I’ll pass on the vaccine for now”. You really can’t have it both ways

    I agree, you can't have it both ways and I'm not sure those groups of people are the same, necessarily.  Personally I'm not clamoring for a return to normal.  Yes, everything is more difficult now than it used to be.  I've accepted that this is a marathon and it'll be years before things are normal, even if they make it back to normal at all. But we're humans and we adapt.  Some more easily than others.

  2. 1 hour ago, Lava Rock said:

    An article yesterday said that the percentage of people willing to get a vaccine as soon as it comes out has dropped to about 40%, down from 55% in April. Mostly cause people want to wait it out awhile before getting injected with a rushed to market vax. So the thought that the vax is the end all be all won't be the case even if very effective if not enough people don't get vaccinated.

    And even if it weren't rushed to market... What healthy person under 60 would choose to inject themselves with something where the long-term effects are unknown?



  3. I think school systems should plan for full-time remote learning, if they're not already.

    The moment a teacher or student tests positive, they'll close down the school.  Maybe for only 2 weeks at a time, but that'll get tiresome by winter after a few bouts of having to shut down.

  4. I'll never understand peoples - especially weather weenies - obsession with a monochrome green lawn.  Negative for the environment in so many aspects.

    1) Takes more water to maintain during dry conditions

    2) Requires more synthetic pesticides / herbicides to achieve and maintain

    3) Requires more frequent mowing (lawnmowers are notoriously awful for CO2 emissions)

    4) Completely devoid of any native offerings for pollinators

    To each their own, but I enjoy my cornucopia of clover, creeping charlie, violets and dandelions that I've had to mow once in the past month.

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  5. 50 minutes ago, Skivt2 said:

    It may be packed but the complaints are flying.  Back when I was on the “in” I got invited to a true K locals only Facebook page.  It’s not public at all.  They have to know you to let you in on it.  There are about 400 people and 99% truly live there.  It’s pretty intense how much most of them hate us and blame us for everything.  One woman’s sandals got stolen while she paddle boarded yesterday at a lake. “Must be the out of staters”

    I think it's probably best for you to get rid of Facebook, it's clearly impacting your perception.

    Getting rid of facebook is a fantastic move for everyone, in general, but if reading this stuff is impacting your psyche and experience this much, probably best to shut it down.

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  6. 10 hours ago, HIPPYVALLEY said:

    We are 18+ months away from any sense of normalcy, especially when factoring in societal impact, economic impact etc.

    I’ve been discussing that probability with my family and friends and neighbors, just to be mentally prepared. 

    For sure, this will be a marathon.  

    Regarding a vaccine, I imagine a lot of folks will be skeptical of putting something in their body when the long term effects aren't understood.   If youre under 60 with no known health issues, are you rushing to sign up for a vaccine?

    I guess the question is:  Which risk are you more comfortable taking?

  7. We could use a solid population reduction.  Too many people on earth.  Mother nature has a way of correcting herself.  Mass deforestation in Asia for populace expansion  --> close contact with bats --> new and fun diseases like this one. 

    This coming from someone who probably has COVID-19 after spending a week in San Fran with two cross country flights filled with troglodytes coughing and sneezing without covering properly. 

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  8. 9 minutes ago, PWMan said:

    Quite an over-performer around here, with around 13-14" in my corner of Scarborough. Driving up 95 this morning it flipped from light rain back to snow right around PWM. 


    Nice!  I have yet to take a measurement after we flipped back to SN at 7:30, but I was at 13" when it was raining at 5:30, so I should end up close to you.  I'm right on the Scarborough line in SoPo.