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  1. 9 hours ago, OceanStWx said:

    I was going to do nematodes too, but with the baby at home I just don't know if I'll have the time to commit to applying them before they die. Might be a next spring deal.

    I hear ya, I've been there :)


    I think they can live two weeks (maybe four) in the fridge.

    I takes me about 5 minutes to apply, fwiw.  Dump them in the watering can, pour (the temperature recommended) water in the can, water the impacted area.  

    Where it can take more time is if your soil is dry and you need to water first and then potentially again subsequent days.

  2. 10 hours ago, OceanStWx said:

    I think I have Japanese beetle grubs doing a number on my front lawn (neighbor across the street replaced his entire lawn after they got him) so I put down the milky spore for the first time. I prefer to do the least intrusive thing first before stepping up my assault.

    You could try beneficial nematodes.   They work well and quickly.  A little pricey due to shipping costs but they'll stop the damage as soon as you apply.  Milky spore takes a few years to be effective, and even more challenging here with our lower soil temps.


  3. 3 hours ago, BrianW said:

    Didn't realize that cheap Kentucky Bluegrass sod is a available here. The place I got it said there is a bunch of sod farms in CT, MA and RI. The sod I got had come in that morning from RI. Each 5x2 10 sqft piece was $6 so .60 sqft.

    We had a paver patio put in and it cost me less than $100 to instantly have nice lush weed free grass around it. Definitely worth it over dealing with germinating seeds and all the weeds. 



    Nice.  If it gets a lot of sun, and you're not getting rain, make sure you soak the hell out of it every morning.

  4. 4 hours ago, YoungWeatherGuy said:

    Hello forum folk. I am a longtime lurker and fan of all the speculation, insight and angst on this forum (especially during winter). 

    I am posting for the first time to ask about next weekend, where I will be getting married on Saturday in Rutland VT outdoors (9/11, I know, but there's only so many Saturdays). GFS, and CMC look like cool and sunny. I know it is a long way out but would appreciate any insight? Also, Larry, please head out to sea buddy (for my marriage's sake). 

    The Cullinane's aren't on your guest list, are they?

  5. 6 minutes ago, Lava Rock said:

    1.5" for August. Ch 6 has us painted for 1-2", like henri. We got 0.3". I realize different event, but no denying nne has been fringed a lot. I like my playbookemoji3.png

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    It seems to work out for you in winter, where it counts.   I guess I can't blame ya :)

    1" is doable for you, but I think that's the high end.  2" is a little more doable for me, but even think that's the high end.


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  6. 3 minutes ago, Lava Rock said:

    So predictable for nne. Every single time since end of July. Over hyped models

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    Since July?  This is your play in every storm, regardless of season!  Precip started an hour ago. Maybe give it until tomorrow to call bust?

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  7. On 8/23/2021 at 1:14 PM, amarshall said:

    Chemical burns while violets 6 “ away laugh



    If that's the tiny amount of weeds you deem worth dumping herbicide into the ground for, you'd want to nuke my lawn at the mere sight of it, lol.  Though it's never been more diverse and lush than this year with all the rain.

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  8. Here's a June 2021 study:

    ' Face masks effectively limit the probability of SARS-CoV-2 transmission'

    Airborne transmission by droplets and aerosols is important for the spread of viruses. Face masks are a well-established preventive measure, but their effectiveness for mitigating severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) transmission is still under debate. We show that variations in mask efficacy can be explained by different regimes of virus abundance and are related to population-average infection probability and reproduction number. For SARS-CoV-2, the viral load of infectious individuals can vary by orders of magnitude. We find that most environments and contacts are under conditions of low virus abundance (virus-limited), where surgical masks are effective at preventing virus spread. More-advanced masks and other protective equipment are required in potentially virus-rich indoor environments, including medical centers and hospitals. Masks are particularly effective in combination with other preventive measures like ventilation and distancing."

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  9. Found this to be an interesting article regarding the Provincetown outbreak that seemed to have a big impact in the CDC's new recommendations.  Sorry if it's already been posted


    "Now, let’s look at the numbers. While Barnstable County overall has a 69% vaccination rate, Provincetown itself is 95% vaccinated. The demographics of the visitors — predominantly liberal gay men, a minority of liberal lesbians, and a further minority of liberal straight folks — is also likely to be close to 95% vaccinated. This was certainly true at the guest house where I stayed, and the one indoor show I attended, where everyone was vaccinated. Unfortunately too many people assumed that it was 100% all the time.

    There were 60,000 visitors to Provincetown during the period in question. That would translate to 57,000 vaccinated folks and 3,000 unvaccinated folks.
    How many tested positive for Covid? Current reports say about 750 vaccinated folks and 250 unvaccinated.

    This means that 750/57000 vaccinated folks tested positive, or 1.3%. 250/3000 unvaccinated folks tested positive, or 8.3%. Being vaccinated gave you a more than 6-fold protection against Covid than being unvaccinated. This is similar to the protection figures published in the early spring of 2021, before the Delta variant had any impact in this country.

    What about the hospitalizations? 6 vaccinated cases were hospitalized, out of 950 cases. That’s 0.6% of cases. Historically, 5% of Covid cases have resulted in hospitalization in the US. That’s a nine-fold improvement!"

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  10. "A recent study out of Singapore: PCR cycle threshold (Ct) values were similar between both vaccinated and unvaccinated groups at diagnosis, but viral loads decreased faster in vaccinated individuals!
    Vaccines make you LESS infectious!"

    Study: https://t.co/8CHUIHMo98
    Source: https://twitter.com/sailorrooscout/status/1421499506311548931

    More push back against the CDC claim that vaccinated individuals can transmit Delta variant due to similar viral load as unvaccinated individuals:
    No Twitter link:

    ^ an interesting unreported aspect about the July 4th Ptown cluster is that 85% of cases are men. Yet even during its gayest week, Ptown is not 85% male tourists. IE, kissing (& sex) may have been a factor driving the outbreak.

    TL;DR vaxxed people are less infectious than unvaxxed.

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