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  1. 1 minute ago, powderfreak said:

    It’s truly impressive. It’s next level rugged out there.

    Like your car goes off the road, you lose a foot to frostbite.  

    There are some roads nearby where there are fields on both sides, the blowing snow has accumulated enough to cause slide offs if folks aren't paying attention.

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  2. 11 minutes ago, HIPPYVALLEY said:

    Yeah, Portland should burn a snow day since they haven’t been that many of them. It’s going to be terrible conditions by the time School gets out tomorrow.

    Agree.  The real concern is that many students don't even have proper clothing for 20 degrees, let alone -20 wind chills.  

  3. 9 minutes ago, FXWX said:

    I deal with lots of CT districts and the morning numbers Friday are driving the decision not to cancel.  I think across northern New England it should be an easy cancelation call.  As for the afternoon period, unless they have lots of  walkers the concern is not high.  But there are some large city districts that are contemplating it given the number of walkers.  The afternoon bus deal is a drop off and quick short walk into your house or a waiting car.  Mornings that feature kids standing around for a bus to arrive is are different story.  If Saturday was a school day, lots of delays and closures would be in play for CT.

    Just got an email from our super - they will not be cancelling school.  Discussed with surrounding superintendents and all are not cancelling.  South Portland & Portland have a ton of walkers, so I can understand it for the more suburban communities, but for PWM that makes no sense.

  4. 16 hours ago, Spanks45 said:

    So I found the jinx on this season....my kid saved a snowball from last year's, last snowfall. He was supposed to throw it outside during this season's first snowfall. I found it in the back of the freezer this morning. Needless to say, it melted with the rest of the snow this morning...let's see if this bring s us some luck the rest of the season....Lol

    my kid does the same shit - stashes a snowball at the end of winter every year. weenies.


    13 hours ago, rimetree said:

    January ending with an even 7.00" in the tipper...sump pump has been working overtime this month. Mean temp is currently .2 degrees above December's mean so we could actually end up warmer than December overall. Going into Feb with 15.5" of snow. No idea what average is to date but we're 11" behind last winter. Hoping for a respectable ending.

    Yes, overall wettest month here since Jul '21 with 8.22" of total liquid (24.0" snow).  Looks like all eastern areas were pretty wet.  At least Maine had some snow come out of it.


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  5. 49 minutes ago, dendrite said:

    I always start second guessing when we get -10s or in a situation like this when we have a threat for temps they haven’t experienced before. But people keep chickens in far NNE, the upper plains, and AK just fine with -30s and -40s as long as they’re dry and sheltered. Trust me, they won’t enjoy this, but they adapt. In that long stretch of extreme cold in late Dec 17 into Jan 18 they got to a point where they were doing stuff in the run like normal even with single digit highs. This is a little more abrupt, but they can easily handle it. IIRC you have all cold hardy breeds. The bigger problem is heating the coop and then losing power and they quickly drop from 50° to below 0°.

    Very true.  I have buff and lavender orpingtons, def cold hardy...but I haven't even touched single digits this year so they're in for a shock at first.  I think I'd put them in my garage before a heating lamp, too risky for fires.

  6. 50 minutes ago, dendrite said:

    Nah…they’re fine. Be careful with vasoline on the combs because it can trap moisture and make them even more prone to frostbite.

    It should be a mixed/dry airmass for us so I think they’ll handle the cold fine. I’ve had birds with large combs that took a little bit of frostbite the first couple years, but they were fine. It made their combs stay smaller for future cold shots. 

    As long as they’re dry and protected from the wind they’ll be okay.

    Didn't know that it can harm.  Thanks.  Ridge vent is open for ventilation, otherwise they're protected.  Shouldnt be too breezy there.

  7. It's going to be a humanitarian crisis here in PWM Friday night/Saturday.  A lot of people are going to die in their sleep.

    There are a number of compounding factors that have led to hundreds of unhoused spending nights outside this winter - new shelter opening delayed until March; covid & migrant funding for hotels to put these people up just ended in December.  Simply not enough bed space and so you have hundreds of people living in makeshift camps - woefully unprepared to endure a night like this.

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  8. 43 minutes ago, STILL N OF PIKE said:

    No lol that was their report yesterday (25’th)  that totaled the last storm and it’s two day totals . They have not updated since 5am Wednesday prior To the current storm . My guess is 7-10” for them but we’ll see. As of 9am ..they still haven’t given a report in over 24 hours ..I’m sure they don’t mind the confusion  

    They tweeted out 14" this morning saying 1/26 (I see it's now been deleted) but the report on the PNS from Pinkham Notch right next door says 7" lol

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