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  1. Need to clean my snowblower carburetor clear the almost 6” here in NE Weymouth back home on the island wife said it’s snowing, has been for an hour or so
  2. Boats aren’t going back to the island so I’ll mainland it . It’s so wet (N Weymouth)
  3. Not a fan of now casting. Sometimes your eyes lie.
  4. Rain and ripping wind in ACK. Expecting the changeover to snow at any moment
  5. I think we're all praying for mosty rain. I think im safe. I hope none of you get snow either.
  6. I don’t even know what to say other than I’m in agreement
  7. I think I’m on board with many of the solutions. But that can change
  8. I think it should stay relatively calm here.
  9. Potential exists for wind and rain. My professional advice would be to watch the news.
  10. Glad I’m in ACK for this crap. I hope you all get buried... cheers
  11. Sweet that people in alabama are losing property and possible lives.. might lead to two more inches of snow here
  12. I’m looking at the Models and I agree with one of them