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  1. Have a tremendous stomach ache, cramping, light fever.... same way i had a sore throat and cough last March. Wonder if Im patient zero for March 2021's super pandemic virus. Only plus is I've been on island the whole time unlike last year so not a ton of contact with non islanders.
  2. Havent followed weather with nothing interesting on the radar. Used to wind, but last night came as a mild shock. I woke from my edible induced sleep hearing whipping winds and my first thought was that a rogue planet had entered our solar system and the gravitational pull was enough to accelerate wind speeds
  3. Getting slaughtered here right now. Absolutely obliterated. Will take pics.
  4. Nothing here. At the mainland house in Weymouth wife reports it's been snowy super heavy for over an hour but not even an inch
  5. Feels like when theres usually a Nor'easter some section of Boston and the immediate suburbs are in the jackpot zone.
  6. Talking to my office in Weymouth right on the water and they said it just switched to rain. outside of early this AM been all windswept rain in ACK
  7. Snow to rain to snow to rain to snow and now back to rain in the last two hours
  8. Curious how good the updated GFS works with confluence to our north and east compared to the old GF? May be a great way to determine which model has a better idea? Obviously thers been a slight difference amongst the two in regard to our tempered weather in the northeast.
  9. Gonna be like a moderate tropical storm here. I’m gonna get smoked. Merry Christmas