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  1. I saw a headline yesterday that gas was going to drop toward $3/gallon due to lowering demand. And now the stock market has rebounded a bit? What a roller coaster these last few months have been.
  2. Just got a report of a mountain lion sighting near the school here in Brooklyn. I think 99% of the time these are just folks that don't know what a bobcat looks like. We'll see if any pics surface.
  3. I only got to play the course once, as we had moved to Brooklyn shortly before it closed. But I use the range across the street all the time. I've chatted with the all 3 parties involved in the course/property/restaurant relationship over the years, and it's interesting to hear the different sides to the story. It would be good to see it stay as a field or go back to farmland at some point.
  4. We bottomed out at 31.5 here. Need to inspect some of the plants to see if anyone got zapped. Fam was not happy that I haven't finished the winterized nesting box for the rabbits yet, either. If the cottontails survive in the yard, I'm sure our rabbits will be fine in the tunnel they've dug under their hutch.
  5. A few pics from a weekend trip to Dorset/Manchester VT.
  6. This impending OPEC price gouge probably won't help things, either.
  7. FT Myers beach area looks fun right now. My MIL is in Gateway. I told her to expect some gators sleeping in her patio tonight.
  8. We saw one of these launches this summer at the Cape. Very cool to see for the first time, and it definitely had people thinking alien invasion until we realized what it was.
  9. Nice! I heard the commercial for the show on the radio the other day. It mentioned that this was their largest pyrotechnic show ever, so it should be intense. Looks like it will be a great night for the show. Enjoy.
  10. .52" here, although I had a spider nest in my gauge, so any precip before 10am was not counted.
  11. Cam Smith is one of the few guys I will miss. He's been fun to watch this year, and I love his attitude and his mullet. The rest of the guys that have gone over I can live without, for the most part. Maybe if enough guys leave, Rickie Fowler will be able to climb back into some meaningful tournaments.
  12. There was really nothing happening underneath in the Brooklyn storm, from what I could see. I didn't see any rotation or debris flying in from different angles like I normally do when some of these storms pass over. Torrential rain for a few minutes, and some frequent lightning.
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