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  1. Wow, it is mugwort that I have all over my wildflower beds/fields. I guess it still can cause some strong allergic reactions, just like ragweed, so I'm going to continue to try and thin it out.
  2. Congrats on the eagle! I played 9 holes 2 weeks ago. Shot 49 thanks to a 10 on a par 5 where I went OB off the tee and then crushed my provisional drive into a fairway bunker, and things actually got worse on the hole from there. Had a few pars and played okay, otherwise.
  3. mowed at 2.75" on Thursday and it's already grown out a lot. Could have mowed today at 3". We just had a whole new patio/driveway done,and there are a lot of areas that had to get reseeded. Been dragging hoses around the last 24 hours. Glad to see some rain on the forecast tonight and Monday.
  4. I'm curious to see how long it takes the housing market to come back down to earth, if at all. There is a chance that a lot of home equity could be wiped out fairly quickly, although I have no idea how real that chance is. It seems everyone sold high and then turned around and bought high. It would be great to see a summary of all home sales between 4/1/20 and 4/1/22 and how those prices differed from the pre-pandemic valuation of those homes. I bet the difference is pretty shocking. Maybe there is still enough housing demand waiting for a dip to keep things from really dropping.
  5. looks like ragweed, which have pretty sturdy root systems EDIT: I was thinking of goldenrod, not ragweed. But Goldenrod doesn't have those serrated/jagged edges that you have. Whatever it is, I have a bunch of it here and there, so I'll have to let some of it grow to see what it is.
  6. 1.04", 3.49" for the month. Do we get to 6"?
  7. Awesome shot! You either have a nice zoom lens or some very brave birds. We have a few that are frequently in the woods behind our house, but they are very timid compared to their smaller relatives. I'll have a downy stay 10' from me while I'm changing out a bird feeder but yet the pileated will scram if I walk outside and get within 100 yards of them.
  8. McIlroy and Morikawa both sinking bunker shots for eagle on 18 was epic. Felt bad for Cam Smith at 12. I thought he was going to pull off the win after the hot start today and then the wheels came off fast. And Scheffler's ending with the multiple missed 2-footers was the only part of his weekend that I can relate to on the golf course.
  9. The greens may have been slower than normal, but they still looked ridiculously fast in places. But that could be more due to the slope than the actual speed. I think more players were leaving it short because you can easily roll way off the green in some places on a putt that would normally stop 1 or 2' past the cup. But who knows. I'd love to see the course in person, because I think a lot of the challenge to each hole is not really shown on TV. Growing up, I was always focused on how scenic the course was and the great shots you would see each round. But now I'm starting to appreciate how brutal it is. The mental toll it takes on players is also pretty significant. Guys are hitting some really errant shots this morning, and you have to think they are just overthinking and second guessing.
  10. Tiger's swinging pretty good so far. The greens really ate up a few players in the early groups. Saw a few 40+ putts that rolled all the way back.
  11. Good luck with your project. Just a reminder that clover isn't a weed. It was only labeled a weed by the herbicide manufacturers in the early 20th century because they couldn't figure out how to kill everything else on your list without killing clover. So it was easier to just call it a weed and make people kill it off. It's green, soft to walk on, doesn't grow over 4" high, is drought tolerant, and feeds pollinators when it flowers. And it's nitrogen-fixing, which means it puts nitrogen back into the soil rather than having to dump bags of nitrogen-rich fertilizer, which comes from the oil industry. I had a "weed-infested" yard that I've been slowly turning into grass/clover mix. No lime, no fertilizer, watering during excessive hot/dry spells only. It's not perfect, but it's getting better each year.
  12. I'm headed to that very local place this weekend with some buddies. I love the simulator, except for the fact that it is pretty darn accurate and it knows when I hit a bad shot before I do. Plenty of times I will hit a bad shot and then think to myself "yes, that's exactly what I would have done on a real course, too."
  13. Hydrogen fusion. Still a ways off, but I'd like to think that my great grandkids will be enjoying energy from that process.
  14. Just put in 160+ gallons at $4.679 yesterday. Crap. Oh well, I guess it averages out with the cheaper oil I got during the height of the pandemic.
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