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  1. So I looked at my forecast and now they're talking about snow for Monday? What's going on?
  2. Wow, I guess the elevation really helps you fight against "shadowing" which is a problem in the valleys, as well as mixing in borderline events. It's like an extra half-degree of latitude ;-)
  3. That's pretty good, you mentioned High Point in the other post, I figured their long term avg is around 50" also. So that would make this year about 40-50% above average. Your average since 2002 is about 12% above normal. I don't remember what NYC average since 2002 offhand, but it's got to be somewhere around 35" which would be 25% above average. Long Island probably even more above average, though I don't remember their average either (big difference from the part of the Island I live in and a place like Upton which probably averages 35" or more.)
  4. Thanks, I was wondering if the snowfall average has gone up, stayed around the same or gone down (hopefully gone up!) I'd assumed that storm tracks are changing but it's going to be hard to say until we get some more info. One thing's for sure- there's a big difference between now vs the 70s and 80s. And even when you look at the 60s, which was a snowy decade, there were only a few years in there that were really snowy. If every winter was like 95-96 or 02-03 or 10-11 there'd be no problem, but that rarely ever happens.
  5. hey I wanted to pick your brain about the 80s-early 90s snow climate, when we were talking about the different storm tracks. What was your average seasonal snowfall from that time period?
  6. Would also like to see max wind reports from Donna Sept 1960 at LGA, JFK and ISP.
  7. Thanks, how far back can you extend the data for JFK and LGA? I know JFK has some incomplete data going back to the 50s. Some interesting snowfall totals- Feb 1961 and Feb 1969 were both 20"+ snowstorms at LGA and JFK.
  8. Interesting, one would think if the humidity was 100% there wouldn't be any room for any more water vapor in the air, so what happens to the snow in that case? Just turns to liquid?
  9. March 2015 was the greatest March I've ever seen- strongly suspect the very cold February had a lot to do with that pattern sustaining itself. Best backloaded winter ever lol.
  10. Which did you get more rain in, October 2005 or August 2011? Fairly comparable months here, however the weekend event in August 2011 was an event to behold here- about 10" of rain in 24 hours. Both month had close to two feet of rain.
  11. Interesting dichotomy with the snowfall. According to the NWS 20-25" is normal for NYC South and 25-30" for NYC North. Most of our area got 30"-35" (actually around 36") and the north shore of LI got 40-45". The snowfall and average temps weren't actually that different from last year. The big difference was the one big storm we had last winter.
  12. Remember when I calculated the median of the analogs at the start of the winter and the result was around 30" We were very close.....
  13. Spring is boring, hopefully it goes over to summer rather quickly I wasn't too far off with my prediction of the last snowstorm being around March 13th and the warm up after March 22nd from a month ago haha.
  14. Exactly, that is why we've been getting these big snowstorms even in mild patterns. You just need cold air nearby for it to deliver. Big December snowstorms- reminds me of Dec 1995, 2003, 2009, 2010......we've had quite a few but no huge ones since 2010. Lately most of our snow seasons have been starting after Jan 20.
  15. and big heat waves