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  1. Nearly constant lightning for the past hr, heard there were 1600 strikes in the hr
  2. what the F is going on outside- nearly constant lightning for the past hour-heard there were 1600 lightning strikes in the past hour?
  3. I read in a book called New Jersey Hurricanes but they were probably exaggerating with their numbers. Was it a major up here? The two canes that book was big on was a left turner in 1903 that hit ACY directly and 1944.
  4. Wow, how do they rank compared to DC and BWI
  5. Well, that certainly explains the middle of the night temp spikes I've experienced when traveling through that area. It's not even a subtle uptick in temps, it's a pretty significant spike of several degrees.
  6. I saw that people were commenting on LGA "anomalous" readings. Just driving around the last few years, I've experienced the highest temps in western Queens. The area right after exiting the midtown tunnel and getting onto the Grand Central Pkwy and around LGA and the old Shea Stadium seem to be the hotspot area of the 5 boros.
  7. If you want to see a lot of rain go to Cherrapunji India- I believe they've had close to 1,000" of rain in some years.
  8. I like the main island the most- you have a tropical paradise at sea level while up in the mountains you can experience a blizzard It also has some of the best astronomical viewing in the entire world and the largest telescope on the planet.
  9. What kind of storm was Sept 1882? Wasn't that our rainiest month on record, closely followed by October 2005? Would have broken the record had the last ten days that October not been so dry. Sept 1944 is the most underrated hurricane our region has had- probably because it came 6 years after Sept 1938. Also, it occurred during WWII. Weren't there 200 mph gusts along the Jersey Shore in Sept 1944?
  10. Thanks What's Memorial Day looking like?
  11. What kind of high temps did you record during the heat, BW? We have an interesting range of microclimates in our region. Wednesday was a nonstarter, it wasn't even remotely hot here, but I noticed we were about 5 degrees warmer than JFK on Thursday (as were Farmingdale and Islip.) The high at ISP was 89 and it was 85 at JFK, while it got to 90 here at 3:10 PM. On Friday, we were hotter than JFK during the early afternoon (it hit 91 at 2:30 PM) but when the wind direction switched to west during the late afternoon JFK got into the low 90s (92) while Farmingdale and Islip were in the low and mid 80s after a high of 89 again at ISP because tstorms were passing over that area or nearby. We stayed around 90 until 5:30 and then fell into the mid 80s even though it didn't rain here, while JFK stayed in the low 90s until 7 PM. Maybe the proximity to the rain (even though it didn't rain here and was partly cloudy most of the time, maybe even mostly sunny) caused our temps to drop later in the afternoon rather than get the boost that JFK got from the post-frontal west wind (something I knew would happen, because there's always a post-frontal temp boost at JFK during the warm season lol.) But that was the biggest range of temps I've seen between here and JFK while on a west wind since the first day of the super heatwave in July 2010 when JFK hit 101 and we stayed in the upper 90s- the rest of the city was even cooler (JFK topped 100 three times in that stretch, while we did it twice.) Of course it was also strange to see us 5 degrees hotter than JFK on a SW wind on Thursday, but perhaps the 2.5 miles distance between here and the Ocean is what made for that difference.
  12. I'm thinking the latter. Remember 2011 when we had extreme heat in July and then extreme rainfall in August? Maybe it won't be that extreme though.
  13. I figured. We were 90 and 91 on Thursday and Friday, and April 2002 notwithstanding, an early season heat wave is a signal for a cooler summer. 1996 and 2001 both had May heat and (especially 1996) didn't hit 90 again for the rest of the year except for barely touching 90 one day in August. We had a lot of 80s with high humidity and cloudy skies though.
  14. Here in SW Nassau we were warmer than JFK on Thursday, I just touched 90 that day, and on Friday we hit 91.