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  1. Nice to see JFK leading the pack with its first 95, same as here.
  2. JFK got its first 95 of the season- matched the high temp I had here.
  3. Masters or Burt I think? I'm not sure but I was led to the KIFP page from something I saw on wunderground. Do you think we hold the sea breeze off tomorrow to hit 90 again on the south shore?
  4. Been a pretty tame summer so far, a far cry from 2010 and 2010 when you showed the 106 that was recorded there. We had 11 95+ degree days here in 2010 and 3 100+ days (along with 31 90+ days, all records.) Maybe we'll have a hyper heat burst one day and get to 136 degrees like Bullhead City did last week (see my post regarding that in the Banter thread and in the thread in the main forum) ....any idea if the 136 high there is considered official? Was that the first 130+ temp officially measured by ASOS?
  5. Looks like 94 is going to do it for the high here today: 91, 95, 94 the last three days.
  6. Thanks, what does it look like in terms of wind? An offshore wind like today or more of an onshore southerly wind for tomorrow?
  7. I guess that front is slowing down, a few days ago it was supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon lol
  8. I think it's the same here, grass goes yellow as soon as it stops raining. I've been moving some plants and trees back and forth from my house in PA and NY, and the ones that I've had there don't do well here- they need a lot of watering. I've even tried to replace the sandy soil with a richer soil, but the plants still look like they need more water even though I'm watering two or three times a week.
  9. wow the jackpot looks to be near Sandy Hook, about 10-15 miles south of Brooklyn.
  10. JFK is ahead of both LGA and EWR today, 94 compared to 92 and 93. Won't compare it to the park- comparing the park to airports is ridiculous.
  11. Tomorrow is a borderline 90 day with a lot of clouds around. I'd be shocked if it's anything like the last 2 days have been.
  12. I don't know what's up with the grass but I'm used to going 2-3 weeks without any rain in the summer. This has been the wettest summer in years.
  13. Has this been confirmed? The data for KIFP (Bullhead City, Arizona) for the night between July 15-16. There was a huge heat burst there and they hit 136 degrees! Here is the data on wunderground. https://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/KIFP/2017/07/15/DailyHistory.html?req_city=Bullhead City&req_state=AZ&reqdb.zip=86439&reqdb.magic=4&reqdb.wmo=99999 Temperature Mean Temperature 114 °F - Max Temperature 136 °F 106 °F 136 °F (2017) Min Temperature 91 °F 85 °F 72 °F (1993) https://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/KIFP/2017/07/16/DailyHistory.html?req_city=Bullhead City&req_state=AZ&reqdb.zip=86439&reqdb.magic=4&reqdb.wmo=99999 Temperature Mean Temperature 112 °F - Max Temperature 131 °F 106 °F 131 °F (2017) Min Temperature 93 °F 85 °F 74 °F (1993) From the data it looks like the heat burst started at 7:55 PM and from there until 1:15 AM it was over 130 degrees! What a massive and long lasting heat burst! By looking at past heat bursts that have occurred in different regions, they always seem to occur late at night- any idea why that might be? Historic heat bursts of the past https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_burst#Extreme_cases Extreme cases[edit] These are cases when temperatures over 56.7 °C or 134 °F (the highest officially confirmed in the world, in Death Valley, United States, 1913) were recorded during heat bursts. Cherokee, Oklahoma, 11 July 1909: at 3:00 in the morning, a heat burst south of Cherokee, Oklahoma reportedly caused the temperature to rise briefly to 57.8 °C (136.0 °F), desiccating crops in the area.[48] Kopperl, Texas, United States, 1960: A heat burst sent the air temperature to near 140 °F (60 °C), supposedly causing cotton crops to become desiccated and drying out vegetation.[49] Lisbon, Portugal, 6 July 1949: A heat burst reportedly drove the air temperature from 38 to 70 °C (100.4 to 158.0 °F) within two minutes, in the region of Figueira da Foz and Coimbra, in central Portugal.[50][51] Abadan, Iran, June 1967: An extreme temperature of 86.7 °C (188.1 °F) was recorded during a heat burst.[51] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kopperl,_Texas Shortly after midnight on June 15, 1960, a freak meteorological phenomenon struck the community when a dying thunderstorm collapsed over Kopperl. The storm had rained itself out, and with little to no precipitation to cool the resulting downdrafts, superheated air was expended upon the community in the form of extremely hot wind gusts of up to 75 MPH. The temperature increased rapidly, peaking near 140° Fahrenheit (60° Celsius); twenty degrees above the official all-time high for the state of Texas. The storm, known as "Satan's Storm" by locals, soon became part of local folklore.[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherokee,_Oklahoma#Climate On 11 July 1909, at 3:00 in the morning, a heat burst south of Cherokee reportedly caused the temperature to rise briefly to 136 °F (57.8 °C), desiccating crops in the area.[17]
  14. Unc what day of the year has the most 100 degree highs? Also, I believe NYC hasn't had any 100 degree highs between July 23-30?
  15. How many 90 degree days do you have so far for the year? Today is my 6th for the month and 12th of the season. JFK just hit 93 so they might get to 95 today for the first time (we've touched 95 three times here but not gone over, once in June and twice in July.)