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  1. Im not sure that updated in real time. Currently the water level is 6.19' and has been steadily increasing **EDIT**
  2. I thought some would enjoy watching this LINK It has the tidal gauges for the reporting stations around Mobile Bay. Seems current water levels are between 2 and 4' higher already especially dauphin island.
  3. Just curious, is the pasta done yet or not?
  4. I believe that is a coating to put on them to protect them during storms. Glass shattered leaving just the thick film and casings. Could be wrong though
  5. Gust are really picking up here now in mcclellanville. Just heard a tree snap and a big limb land on the shed
  6. Here in mcclellanville. Sitting on the front porch enjoying the weather. Best gust has been around 45 or so. Winds steady between 15 and 30
  7. Had a 62 kts gust 10 minutes before that. Not to shabby
  8. There is a chance you can see it come in on this cam...we will see HERE
  9. We were under it for a while and even though the rain drops were HUGE, the rates were not that grand imo. I would have estimated it at 1-1.5" per hour rate
  10. Cape canaveral web cam