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  1. Now THAT is the Oconee Snowhole if I have ever seen it. If it ever makes it’s way into a textbook someday, they need this as a graphic. .
  2. @wncsnow @buckeyefan1 thank you both for your kind words! I just emailed Mississippi State about what I would be required to do as a new/old student. [emoji2957]We shall see! [emoji1694] .
  3. I love chunky winter birds! They are so cute! .
  4. Hi! Not sure where to put this, so feel free to remove if necessary. I am currently a second grade teacher and have been the past twelve years and I can say I am no longer happy. Weather has always been a passion of mine, and the older I get and the less time I have left, the more I want to go for it. However, math was always a weak spot for me. I noticed with some of the programs I am looking at, a lot of Calculus is necessary. I haven’t taken that type of math in 13 years. [emoji30] For meteorologists on the board, do your have any useful tips or suggestions on how to do well on the math that comes with a weather degree? Thank you in advance. .
  5. Are you thinking this for the first wave, second wave, or both waves of precip? I remember events where precipitation was supposed to fill in from the east and it never did. .
  6. Just came in from sledding because of the sleet and wind combination…ouch!!! Coming down hard now. .
  7. Absolutely magical here in Travelers Rest this morning. We have at least 6” and still coming down. .
  8. Travelers Rest 41/27. Just saw some snow on radar up at Caesar’s Head. Headed up to check it out and see if it’s verga or the real deal. .
  9. That’s literally right up the 85 corridor, per usual. .
  10. Lol! I am playing with my son and I call him “buddy,” so I guess I typed it when I said it. [emoji1787]my bad! .
  11. I would love to be used at Caesar’s Head for this event. We are in TR about ten minutes south of 11 and I’m banking on at least 6”. [emoji1694]We have a huge hill in front of our house my 4 y/o has been itching to sled down. I always root for my friends south of 85, buddy once again, it is the battleground of the Upstate. .
  12. That’s more along the lines of what I was thinking. I thought their first totals were a bit out to lunch. .
  13. Thanks! I am hoping we can keep the warm nose at bay for as long as possible! .
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