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  1. We got smacked in Travelers Rest. We had a tree fall in MBY and more back down in the woods on my property. To be honest, I am surprised there weren’t more because I have NEVER seen the trees bend like they did this morning. There were loads of trees and transformers downs in our surrounding neighborhoods and throughout the county, and at one point I saw where Greenville County had about 65k power outages. I remember having a few tropical storms come our way over the past few years, but today’s definitely took the cake. .
  2. Yes. I have had a friend confirm that the Botany Woods subdivision in Greenville County took a possible hit. Lots of downed trees and impassable roads. This area is about five minutes away from the Haywood Rd/I-385 interchange. .
  3. Sitting right on top of the boundary here in TR and waiting on the third. The first cell gave us the most action so far; lots of rotation and very visible updrafts. Pea sized hail too. .
  4. Multiple homes destroyed in Seneca, SC. I am afraid to see what damage we will see in a few hours. I read where debris was lofted at least 18k feet. Not good at all. .
  5. Same. Right off of Jackson Grove Rd. .
  6. You must live near me! Literally the bullseye between the northern warning and the southern warning. .
  7. Are you in the clear yet? I’m cleaning out the closet here in TR getting ready. .
  8. Can you explain what this means? Still kind of new to this. .
  9. North of Travelers Rest 33/Mostly snow, some rain mixing in. .
  10. Not up here! Been sleeping since about 9 am. GCSD is huge. .
  11. Baby flakes mixing in here in Blue Ridge, SC. .
  12. Blue Ridge/TR. Not quite north enough to be the mountains, but not Greenville either. I hope you guys will get something soon! It’s crazy how the 850s haven’t present as much of a problem and now it’s a precipitation amount thing. [emoji849]Ahhhh to live east of the mountains. .
  13. The thing is, I feel like his post relies heavily on the precip type falling right now and he assumes it is rain. It has been sleet from the start here in the northern Upstate. .