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  1. I'm close to the spinx here in TR.
  2. Got fortunate here where I'm at in Travelers Rest. Worst of it went just south and just north of me.
  3. Confirmed large tornado according to Chris Justus with this cell that went through Seneca
  4. Some sort of rain/snow/sleet mix now in TR. Hard to tell in the dark. Sidewalks and roads have a nice dusting on them. Should be a fun drive to work in the morning.
  5. That's a good question. Climatology is a real b*tch and it's hard to get just snow here. Even in the 93 superstorm I remember sleet mixing in here.
  6. Not sure where you are, but I don't think we'll know until morning in the Upstate. Believe the heaviest is suppose to be from midnight to the morning.
  7. What a differencea few miles makes. Left Simpsonville to cold rain, arrived home in TR to beautiful snow falling.
  8. You've thrown in the towel so many times with this storm I'm surprised you have any left. You've made it clear how pessimistic you are about it.
  9. Isn't that where you were forecasted to be at this time?I
  10. I'm stuck in cold rainy Simpsonville at the moment. I'll be back in Travelers Rest by 7 hopefully before the worst of it starts.
  11. Not gonna happen, not that much anyway. Even half of that though in this area would be terrible.
  12. In early December. Be thankful for anything you get here this time of year...or any time of year for that matter lol. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come in what's suppose to be a very active winter.
  13. Not sure why all the cliff jumping for some in Upstate SC. WYFF still seems highly confident and has even upped the snow totals in some places. Of course, I'm also sitting good being up in TR too. First winter on the good side of I-85! Glad I made that move lol
  14. WYFF is buying into the southern trend. They've upped their snowfall totals for the upstate.