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  1. 1960, 1980, 2000... Continue that trend....we are due ! Not all were March but big snows those years
  2. Funny, all of the analysis I have seen so far say it is colder
  3. It will be interesting to watch those actual dew points in comparison to where the NAM says they would be. They look to be ahead of schedule and lower than predicted off to the NW. Mt Airy shows a dew point of 11 as of last report on NWS
  4. We need some of the lower dew points to keep filtering down into central NC. DPs still in 30s Raleigh and south, but 20s to even single digit DPs off to the NW of there. That is the critical piece I will be watching to get an idea of how well the cold air is working in. Obviously not too far to our NW
  5. ABC11 (WTVD) says the southern part of central NC is the wildcard depending on how fast it changes over from rain/mix to snow. The comment was that it could be a bit more accumulation than shown because the timing in that area is hard to nail down and will have plenty of moisture on hand.
  6. Radiational cooling will do wonders for surface temps, I am hoping it will clear out some and allow that
  7. But also can lead to more of a warm nose with a more amped system
  8. ABC11 (WTVD) actually showed the output from the NAM but discounts the amounts. They say what is important from the NAM is that the main area with a threat of the most snow lines up fairly well with other models. Still conservative at 1" or less, but did say that a large area east of Raleigh has a 40% chance of 1" or greater.
  9. But it was record cold in place PRIOR to the snow, which makes all the difference down here
  10. RAH not biting: Mid and high level moisture will increase rapidly on Thursday ahead of a positively tilted trough digging through the Midwest. Precip will spread along the stalled frontal zone over the SE US, with cyclogenesis induced off the SE coast. Models continue to trend a a bit closer to the coast with the surface low bringing more moisture inland. The low is still relatively weak, however, and moves east with the digging trough. The bigger question is whether or not the arctic air associated with a 1045+ mb high over the central US will spill across the mountains in time to cause a mix of rain and snow or changeover to rain. The high is not in a favorable location for the dense cold air to make it into NC very quickly...likely having to filter across the central Appalachians and south through VA...and so the probability of probability more than a rain/snow mix appears very low at this time. If there is an opportunity for phasing of sufficiently deep moisture/omega and cold air, it would be north and east of the Triangle, which is where the outlier EPS solutions lie..while the the GFS and GEFS appear to be too aggressive with with cold air.
  11. RAH discussion this afternoon concerning next week: The aforementioned cold front/frontal zone is expected to settle to the south of the area on Wednesday into Thursday as cold high pressure builds into the area. The will allow for high temps to be in the 40s late week, with low temps possibly in the 20s by Friday morning. With regard to chances for precip, additional s/w energy is expected to dive south/southeastward out of the upper Midwest and potentially drawing the stalled front to the south back northward and allowing for chances for precip Wednesday into Thursday, with dry weather expected again by Friday. The latest ECMWF keeps central NC dry (with any precip to the south), while the GFS spreads precip into our area. If precip does spread back into our area, we could see a threat for some wintry precip, with possibly even some snow across our area (even southern locations). Thus, there remains a lot of uncertainty in this portion of the forecast, but will keep the precip all liquid in the forecast for now and lower temps some. Stay tuned.
  12. I was just looking at that, worth keeping an eye on it.
  13. Looks like the 2020 Mid to long term thread has been started !