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  1. Apr 15 2018 severe weather thread

    Latest from NWS which aligns with the map above
  2. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Only had time for a quick glance but now the 6Z looks more suppressed and weaker
  3. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    I agree, so back off on the snow shields again!
  4. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Wow, what a first post !
  5. 1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    Looks like this band will benefit us down here as well
  6. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    It's in no hurry as well
  7. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Looking at radar blow up northwest of ILM, that could be the beginning of what may work up your way from the coastal? I guess its actually more north of ILM
  8. 1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    It is growing in size and intensity
  9. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    That came south through Cumberland County earlier, like it had a mind of it's own.
  10. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    There is another band behind it in the triad area
  11. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    I am hoping it fills in on the bottom enough to catch me as it goes through here. Looks like it may
  12. Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    That band to the west of Raleigh isn't giving up by any means
  13. 1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    Congrats to all the folks north and west of me, very nice storm for you all. I will probably end up with a couple of inches which isn't bad since it did not changeover to snow until 4 PM. We'll get the next one down here, maybe a good coastal!
  14. 1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    It will be interesting to see what that band does as it moves through the area. It certainly isn't dying further as it moves east, looks to be intensifying just a little as it passes Greensboro and south of there.
  15. 1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    Radar has filled back in over me, nice snow again