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  1. Out of curiosity how far north is the major ice getting on the Euro?
  2. LOT has issued a WWA for blowing snow.
  3. Latest SPC update for today:
  4. No changes were made.
  5. Are you sure about that? It seems that the moderate expanded further south and the 10% hatched tornado makes it into NWI now.
  6. The latest Euro cut the cape amounts quite a bit again. The northern half of IN struggles to break 500.
  7. I'm somewhat skeptical of how it's handling the low, though. The RAP is starting to come into view and it doesn't seem to really back up the trailing low idea so the NAM is still on it's own with that. It'll be interesting to see what the SPC says for the update coming up.
  8. Dr. Forbes seems to be buying into what NAM shows now.
  9. It's hard for me to tell on Wundermap. For the Euro am I correct thinking that the biggest threat starts in South IL and moves into IN and KY?
  10. SPC pushed the slight area pretty far into Illinois. HRRR is also pushing up the temperatures tomorrow a bit on both sides of the front compared to GFS and NAM.
  11. Here are some NAM 4KM ZR maps that show over an inch for anyone else who is curious:
  12. Sorry, I should have specified that I got that from the latest HRRR run. Unfortunately I only have Wundermap to view ECMWF so it's hard to tell where the front is on there. It does look like it could bottom out somewhere near the Kankakee area at around 12Z, though.
  13. It looks like it bottoms out in the Kankakee metro area at about 12Z on the latest run and then bounces back a bit north to near the Kankakee/Will county line by 14Z.
  14. Enhanced area is hatched now for hail.
  15. He also has the entire east half of Illinois (including Chicago) and west half of Indiana at 5 for tonight.