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  1. Thank you.  I had wondered about QBO phase and TC activity ever since Gray used that as a predictive tool with success better than climatology in the early 1990s.   It apparently doesn't work as well as a predictor for overall numbers the last decade and a half.     Anybody have analogs of March QBO phase or trends and US landfalls?
  2. VOTD used to show up in AFDs back in the day, I guess when the VIL product was new, I rarely see it mentioned anymore.
  3. Tony for Mod!!!

  4. I love the Crazy Eddie pic. Used to go there in the 80's because the prices were insane.

  5. But how many met school grads have a veteran's preference to begin with?
  6. From personal experience, when the price of oil drops to $10/barrel, a year or two of unemployment/underemployment really bites, so it isn't exactly a stable career field, and all the science and math means the people getting BAs are partying at night when petroleum engineering students are studying, but even averaging in the years unemployed or working as a temp, petroleum engineering is seriously good money. Travel opportunities, interesting work. Granted, they have websites for pet engs, but there aren't any forums where amateurs look up to professional engineers, and a new well coming in at 500 barrels per day is good, but the YouTube's are of Boxing Day Blizzards, tornadoes in the Plains, and Charley in Florida. BTW, someone said the Navy is cutting aerographers mates, but enlisting in one of the services, getting some kind of training as a weather observer or whatever, college will be almost free after veteran's benefits, and I'm pretty sure prior service military get points or extra consideration when the NWS is hiring.
  7. I suspect prior military helped greatly in getting a job at the NWS.
  8. Not related to any eye like feature, but I'd suspect in a multi-vortex tornado winds may rise and fall as vortices pass near and then move away. It was multi-vortex early on, and I'd think may have remained multi-vortex but not readily apparent visually as debris increased. Not certain of that, by any means.
  9. They could easily merge Lubbock and Amarillo, with Midland taking over the the southernmost LBB/LUB counties, if they needed to find people to split Atlanta's CWA.
  10. How many orange Texas Longhorn t-shirts do you own?

  11. Jamie McMurray, NASCAR driver, returned to Joplin this week w/ the race at Kansas City, his childhood home lost the roof and some of the exterior walls. I suspect he'll be donating generously to the relief. He also visited his old school, Joplin High.
  12. Our North Texas well work supervisor, much younger then (obvously), had gotten into his bathtub in WF when his mother (who only recently passed away) called from near Kamay/Valley View to say she saw a tornado heading his way, and he got out of the tub to answer it, then head back to the tub. He lost part of his roof, but was on the edge of the damage. Our well work sup. is the play by play stadium announcer for Midwestern State football, BTW. Not going to give his name.
  13. One of JoMos pix downloaded then uploaded, the tech school...
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