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  1. Central PA - January 2018

    Thanks guys! River actually started falling yesterday afternoon. Edit: It has begun rising again. Up about 1.5' since early this morning.
  2. Central PA - January 2018

    Susquehanna continues to rise down here as a result of the ice jam north of Safe Harbor. River at Marietta is 3' below flood stage, and the flood watch continues...
  3. Central PA - January 2018

    That's very kind of you to say and is much appreciated. This really is an amazing sub forum. Wouldn't it be nice for just once to get a storm where we all get mauled? I'll gladly taint to get a mauling all the way back to Clearfield. Superstorm of '93...I think that would work for just about everyone in here.
  4. Central PA - January 2018

    No, I didn't take you that way either. Just helping illustrate the gradient point you were making.
  5. Central PA - January 2018

    Keep in mind, you were reporting 5" at one point last evening when I had cloudy skies and brown grass. And I'm really not that far away from you...
  6. Central PA - January 2018

    Moderate, wind blown snow here in Maytown. Borderline heavy. Didn't measure but between 1"-2". Going to finish with about 1.7'. I'm really interested in hearing how the Capital area crew made out...
  7. Central PA - January 2018

    Awesome stuff guys, enjoy it! Starting to get a little light snow here.
  8. Central PA - January 2018

    Hey...it's all good, trust me. You of all people deserve this one!
  9. Central PA - January 2018

    I'm in northwest Lanco where it started snowing at 4pm and stopped at 4:30. Not arguing, but returns are actually diminishing in this area.
  10. Central PA - January 2018

    Nothing here. As in...nothing.
  11. Central PA - January 2018

    Sun is making an appearance, up to 34 here and the snow from early this morning is going, going...
  12. Central PA - January 2018

    CTP took the southern tier (Adams, York, and Lancaster) down to 2"-4" totals. North of the pike was kept at 3"-5" (or higher)
  13. Central PA - January 2018

    You and Canderson have consistently been modeled to get more snow in your area than I am down here. I'd be pretty bullish about at least 3" up your way. (more than that just to your east/northeast) Our buddy Steve might jackpot up in Tamaqua tonight.
  14. Central PA - January 2018

    For my area, I still like the under. I'll need well over 2" tonight to reach 3".
  15. Central PA - January 2018

    Light snow, about a 1/2" here.