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  1. 75 here at noon. I gotta think a few valley locations down this way hit 80 this afternoon.
  2. Horst throwing the chance of snow into his outlook for next weekend...
  3. Just came in from running errands and saw lightning in the distance. Also, have flies in the house. All in all, it's a pleasant evening heading into Memorial Day weekend...
  4. I'd be shocked if we don't see at least some snow in March, though from what I'm reading our window might be pretty short.
  5. "Only" reached 59 here today. Since when does 59 in February feel chilly? Winter's big comeback!
  6. And another 70 day degree day. Stunning. It's going to be a sucker punch when it's 42 in mid March.
  7. Lancaster hit 70 yesterday, 67 right now.
  8. Briefly made it to 69, now sitting at 67. Went down to the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail and the crowd was nearing mid-summer level.
  9. Okay, after being outside for a few hours today...maybe I am ready for spring now. My goodness is it nice outside! 64 at 1:25pm.
  10. Nah. Just picking up on people's interests.
  11. I told my wife last night that we'll be watching high school baseball this year on 40 degree days with a 20 mph wind. You just know it's coming...
  12. I know...Harrisburg is near and dear to my heart. There are very few places I enjoy more on a summer evening than City Island. One of my happy places. Love sitting in the middle of the river watching the game I love most.
  13. It's all good, and you're right. I think the funniest thing is that you went from the biggest snow weenie to a supposed snow...hater? over the course of a year or two. I fully acknowledge and have done so many times that we have been blessed down this way.
  14. Yeah, OSU is on a whole different level than the Wolverines.