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  1. WGAL just showed a viewer picture of what looked like a possible funnel cloud as the storm passed over Millersburg.
  2. Unbelievable disparity between your home and mine the past month or so. I had not a drop of rain yesterday. I was watching Matt Moore talking about flood warnings on the Swatara Creek and I was wondering what in the world he was talking about. It never really threatened to rain here yesterday or last night.
  3. Just a bit over .5" here.
  4. Gorgeous day. Windows open. 4 weeks until Happy Valley, and it almost feels like it today.
  5. Looked out my window a few minutes ago just in time to see a cloud to ground strike that was WAY too close for comfort. Simultaneous lightning/thunder.
  6. Still dry here...but that looks to end in a big way in the next 30 minutes.
  7. I can see lightning to my northwest...first sign today of any sort of inclement weather in this area.
  8. Wait...it rained around these parts today? I don't think the sun went behind a cloud once here.
  9. My driveway was partially damp for about 30 seconds yesterday. That was all.
  10. Heat is much easier to take in August. 90 degree days are the worst in May...you think, "3 months from now it will be August, and still 90." Now, 3 months gets us to November. While we wait for cooler weather, Mammoth Mountain will be closing for the winter ski season this coming Sunday. Skiers out there don't have a long off season of waiting, that's for sure.
  11. 1.6" here. I was surprised by the amount and intensity of the lightning and thunder last night. Rogue showers are popping up now across central Lanco, just to my south and east.
  12. Absolutely dumping buckets of rain here. Direction is straight out of the northeast, lightning and thunder is with this band. We are getting rocked. Picked up .80" in about 20 minutes.
  13. Saw a picture of that funnel on Pennlive. It was one of the more impressive ones that I've seen in pictures from around here. Fortunately it dissipated quickly.
  14. I saw that you posted and immediately thought we were getting ready to track the first 384 hour threat of the winter season.