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  1. I was in Bethany Beach, DE on Labor Day weekend in 2015. On Monday, Labor Day itself, the day began with thousands of people on the beach, boards, and walking around town. By 6:00pm that evening, it had become a ghost town. As someone who has spent at least some time all 51 years of my life at the Delaware shore...it was sad ending to a great summer. That's what has happened in here. Just a little over a week ago, this forum was hopping. We waited all winter hoping for a big storm, it finally came, and with the end of the storm essentially came the end of winter. And just like thousands of beach goers disappeared that Labor Day until the following summer, so too do most of us hibernate from this special place until sometime later this coming fall. As always, thank you all for the banter and the entertainment. And thank you red taggers for being 2nd to none. MAG, Millville, HeavyWx, Allweather, Jminster...you are all terrific and add so much to our special little thread. You are all so appreciated! Here's to many more great discussions ahead, and hopefully we can reconvene this summer on City Island!
  2. My snow pack is getting obliterated today. Down to 50% coverage and dropping. Sure feels amazing in the sun though. 46 currently.
  3. Light rain here with a few parachutes mixed in and 34.
  4. Curious, what did it say? I've been hearing that we'll be in the mid 60s next weekend...
  5. Good luck west of the river snow hounds. Since I'm a mile east I'll enjoy my cloudy and 38 and like it. (that is my inner Jebman coming out) 2:00pm state of the snow pack. Down to about 2"-3" in areas that received a lot of sun this week, still about 7" in more protected areas. It is melting off quickly as the day goes on... High school baseball team hoping to play this coming Friday. That was to be the 4th and final non-league game, but might end being the one and only.
  6. Yeah, I just came in and water is running down my spouting while my driveway is turning into black ice simultaneously.
  7. For those that did not mix or change over during this week's storm, what are some of your current snow pack depths? I had just over 12" on the ground Wednesday morning. As of 7:00pm this evening, my current depth is ranging from 5"-8" and dropping slowly. I was just curious if any you were losing snow at a faster rate than those of us who had an icy mix built into their snow pack.
  8. Ugh. This is so hard for me. My inner snow weenism is being challenged by my desire to watch high school baseball. My son's non-league games are being postponed daily it seems (they were scheduled to play Ship today) and I'm anxious to get outside and enjoy the game I love. If we can get a quick-hitting 6" storm on a Friday night that is gone completely with a dry field by Monday, sign me up!
  9. Perfect! I will be so down for that. (if I'm not watching baseball somewhere else that night)
  10. Winds sustained 32 gusts to 45 last hour at LNS. It's putting a lid on the temperature though, still holding at 27.
  11. Drifting is a real issue today. I saw 4 cars in ditches on my way home from work. Many roads here in NW Lanco are in lousy shape. Road crews just can't keep up with the wind.
  12. Or it's a curse because you're not aware that there's ice underneath...
  13. Yes. Total snowfall is just one aspect when comparing storms. Considering that the storm of '93 dropped over a foot of snow in Birmingham, between 4"-10" in Atlanta, an incredible severe weather outbreak across Florida, blew the windows out of the old Spectrum in the middle of the Flyers game that afternoon, and over 4' of snow in parts of the southern Appalachians, that storm will be one to be benchmarked against for years and years to come. No doubt this was an amazing, historic storm that severely impacted millions in the northeast US, but '93 was still way beyond this.
  14. You had that much? Wow. I knew you had more than I did up here, but I had no idea it was that long. I mixed at 5:30 and was back to all snow around 8.
  15. Pretty good gradient between York and Harrisburg...