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  1. Mostly agree, though higher elevations north of you probably see some accumulations.
  2. February will be rocking! (stole that quote shamelessly from many folks in the DC thread over the years)
  3. Me too. My wife says I need to work on being nicer than I used to be.
  4. You know, I think I've read that at least once each month since it happened. Fact is, we've been super spoiled down here, and the folks down south of us have been even more so. Our climatology suggests we average one 10" or greater storm every decade. Here in Lancaster, we've had at least 6-8 in the past 20 years, and I might have missed a couple. It really has been crazy.
  5. Agree 100%. We've had more than our share of good times over the past decade. It's time for the people that are "supposed" to get snow, to get it. I want a couple of storms in February, though.
  6. You can't possibly be not rooting for this to bury you. It wasn't that long ago you were one of the biggest snow weenies on here. Come on now...the reverse psychology thing is getting old. And yes, I'm having fun. Your posts always make me smile. And it sure sounds like you might end up in a pretty good spot for this one.
  7. It's not implausible. Maybe not likely, but it's a strong beast of a storm.
  8. Looks like it will be quiet in here for the next 10 days or so. After that I'm guessing the thread will be hopping heading into February. Horst still trumping a cold, snowy month ahead...
  9. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of nothing down this way.
  10. Record breaking 63 at MU today. And it's still 63 at 5:00pm!
  11. Nuisance as far as amounts, absolutely. However, a lot of people will be caught off guard after today's record warmth. Some people can't latch on to the fact that it can snow after days like this. We've talked about this in the past on here, but still, people will be caught off guard on Saturday with flakes flying and temps in the 20s.
  12. You're not kidding...I was not expecting it when I walked out the front door this morning. Back roads were a disaster on my way to work. I thought it was going to be much warmer...
  13. Lancaster has received more snow than the Harrisburg area however. Just in the past week the city has picked up 4" or a bit more I believe. There is still solid snow cover in and around the city. So, yes...Horst making that statement isn't really a big deal. But then again, he's obviously thinking we'll get something of significance to say that. We've been shut out (or nearly so) in February before, so I took his statement as positive for snow lovers.
  14. There's been some discussion in the mid-atlantic subforum about the Superstorm of '93...for those of us that were here during that storm, what memories do you have? I have a few: It was modeled better than any big storm I ever remember to this day. A week out and it was a certainty that the east coast was going to be severely impacted. Snow began in Lanco late evening on the 12th I woke up Saturday morning to 10" and 40mph winds I was a Philadelphia Flyers season ticket holder at the time. I decided against going to that afternoon's game, then watched on PRISM as the wind blew the windows out of the Spectrum forcing the game to be postponed I had hours of sleet during the late morning and mid day hours before going back over to snow I ended up with about 17" of snow with a few inches of ice in the middle. I had snow cover in mid March for a week (my snow pack lasted longer than my 30" did last January) It was, and is, the greatest weather event of my lifetime. The Weather Channel was awesome back then. 7 days of wire to wire coverage leading up to it and through it.