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  1. I hate hot weather this time of year. So after going to the Steelers-Jags game next Sunday, my wife and I are heading to OCMD. Might as well enjoy low crowds, warm water, and warm weather.
  2. Just stepped outside for lunch. It feels better out, sky is clearer and dewpoint seems lower. Nice day.
  3. You have some long nights ahead my friend. Horst says it stays very warm and humid for the next 10 days...
  4. Steve, I was thinking about this very thing earlier this week. It's interesting how 50-75 miles in distance makes such a difference in one's perception. Growing up in the '70s it seemed like every snow down here was in the 2-4, 3-5, 4-6 range. We went years without a foot-plus snowstorm. Historically we (Lancaster county) receive such a snowstorm about once per decade. In the past 14 winters we've had at least 8 storms over a foot. So at least for winter weather, we have been much, much more active in recent years. Again...this is specific to my location and not to yours. I would agree with other elements of weather. My 16 year old daughter remarked this afternoon that we don't get thunderstorms like she remembers from her younger years. And it's been 6 years since we've been impacted by a significant tropical event. So I'd say that spring, summer, and fall has been quieter weather wise. In a broader sense beyond PA, I feel like weather has become much more extreme. Every winter there seems to be a new "storm of the decade" somewhere on the east coast. We've had 2 extreme hurricanes strike our country for the first time in years. Some of my perception is no doubt media-driven hype, but it does seem like (to me) that storms seem to be getting bigger and badder...even if not necessarily around here. I have to think sooner than later you're going to have either a harsh winter or some other weather extreme. You're more than overdue...right?
  5. If this went up the west coast, wouldn't that put Orlando (and a whole bunch of tourists) in the dreaded RFQ?
  6. Before any potential impact locally from Irma, it sure is looking like a fabulous weekend of weather is shaping up!
  7. Numerous road closures on my way to work this morning. Chickies Hill looks like a war zone. Fortunately there was no damage in my neighborhood. I was 6 when Agnes rolled through. I remember little other than being terrified by how loud the rain was. Lee was the storm I'll remember solely for rainfall. I picked up over 15" back in 2011. For me, all tropical storms will be measured against Isabel back in 2003. Hours of frightening wind and rain overnight. My kids, who were quite young at the time still talk about it to this day. It took me 90 minutes to make my typical 20 minute trip to work the next morning due to all the roads that were closed from trees and wires down.
  8. Storms were forecast for today by the weather outlets that I use. Not sure they were to get THIS intense, however. Lancaster just got pummeled.
  9. Agreed. Our nation can't handle another disaster right now, period.
  10. That's awesome news, thank you for the update!
  11. Yes sir. Things seem to be mighty grim down that way this morning. Hope those good folks are prepared. We had a shower overnight. Not much in the bucket, but I was a bit surprised to see that it rained, period.
  12. Here's wishing they make out okay. Some of the projected rainfall totals for down there are sickening to think about.
  13. Another nice storm wrapping up here. After watching from the sidelines for most of July (though we had plenty of rain) the storms seem to be zeroing in on us down here a bit more now.
  14. Some parts of Lancaster county are between 3"- 5" of rain this evening. About .15" in my bucket.
  15. Same here. Very brief deluge with next no wind. Heard a decent amount of thunder after the rain had stopped.