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  1. May 30th and you're still getting frozen precipitation. Hopefully you didn't have any damage.
  2. Just 61 down here east of the river.
  3. I had a disgusting 93 when I got home from work this afternoon. Come on Saturday!
  4. Sun is out here with blue skies overhead. Great.
  5. It seemed atypical of a "standard" quake. As opposed to long rumbling, it was a very sudden shake. Lancaster County Emergency fielded phone calls in the minutes after the quake from people concerned that we were under foreign attack, or that there was a large explosion. It only lasted several seconds.
  6. Many people in Lancaster county felt it. Some folks close to the epicenter had a few things knocked over on shelves.
  7. Just got from a long walk on the Conewago Trail near Etown. Didn't feel a dang thing.
  8. 85 for a high at my home and at MU's weather station.
  9. I saw a few stray flakes as well yesterday around 7am. i guess that's the official unofficial wrap on the winter season. When you are looking forward to the warmup...it's over.
  10. Impressive line of storms moving through DC metro, Tornado warned in some areas. Heading this way.
  11. Booming thunder here now.
  12. My grass has already needed cut twice. It's going to be one of those springs where I'm out mowing every other day I think.
  13. Yes. There is a church parking lot between Manheim and Mt Joy here in Lancaster county that had a pile I'd estimate at 4' high as of last evening.
  14. I was in Bethany Beach, DE on Labor Day weekend in 2015. On Monday, Labor Day itself, the day began with thousands of people on the beach, boards, and walking around town. By 6:00pm that evening, it had become a ghost town. As someone who has spent at least some time all 51 years of my life at the Delaware shore...it was sad ending to a great summer. That's what has happened in here. Just a little over a week ago, this forum was hopping. We waited all winter hoping for a big storm, it finally came, and with the end of the storm essentially came the end of winter. And just like thousands of beach goers disappeared that Labor Day until the following summer, so too do most of us hibernate from this special place until sometime later this coming fall. As always, thank you all for the banter and the entertainment. And thank you red taggers for being 2nd to none. MAG, Millville, HeavyWx, Allweather, Jminster...you are all terrific and add so much to our special little thread. You are all so appreciated! Here's to many more great discussions ahead, and hopefully we can reconvene this summer on City Island!
  15. My snow pack is getting obliterated today. Down to 50% coverage and dropping. Sure feels amazing in the sun though. 46 currently.