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  1. That's the Pine Barrens. Highly susceptible to fires...
  2. I'm looking forward to it - I had been to most about 20 years ago but with raising a family and all of the new ballparks there's only 9 parks currently in use that I've been to. Kids are grown so now it's time to catch up with all of the new construction.
  3. I'm interested. I'll have to see if I can work that in on a night when I'm not working for the Barnstormers.
  4. I'm hoping to get to Cleveland and Cincinnati later in the summer. Last time I saw a game in Cleveland was at the old Cleveland Stadium...the mistake by the lake. I was there on a Saturday afternoon in '91. Announced crowd was 6,055 - the ballpark had 80,000 seats. Not a lot of atmosphere that day...
  5. Just bought my O's opening day tickets. It's time for baseball...
  6. I'm up about 5 degrees from this time yesterday. It's been a long time since I've seen so many people outside. Nice that not everyone is a hermit, lol
  7. Just got back from a nice long walk. Many people (including myself) are out in shorts and t shirts...that kind of day. Almost forgot we're in deep winter right now!
  8. Yep, I meant to say that and forgot. Thanks for participating. I find it interesting that you went 100% on measurable...that would normally seem safe and you'll forget more than I ever know, but looking at all the indices going forward it just looks awful.
  9. 5% is what I really wanted to say but I decided to go all in for 10%!
  10. Since we have nothing to talk about other than home heating ideas, how do we feel about realistic chances for snow before we call this godawful season finished once and for all? For my yard I'm going to guess I have a 25% chance of measurable snow, and a 10% chance of more than 3". Other guesses?
  11. I have gas heat. Like I said earlier it's never once been below 61 this winter. You guys are acting like I live in an igloo.
  12. Maytown had the heat on for the 8th night all winter last night.
  13. You know things are bleak when you wake up early and discover there hasn't been a single post in any of the mid-Atlantic threads for nearly 5 hours.
  14. Yep, we'll get a solid -NAO going just in time for supercells, wedges and bow echos. Just great...
  15. The reality of that is slowly sinking in... ...then again, it's snowing on the Outer Banks right now, so there's that.
  16. And that's all because of how transient the pattern has been. If it's not perfectly timed, forget about it. SE crew is benefiting from that timing today. Nut's image above looks pretty just has no staying power. In one day, out the next...
  17. For southern tier county peeps, this morning has that retro 70s look...filtered sunshine through high cirrus with mid level clouds to the south. Almost looks like there might be a southern snowstorm. I saw this sky all too frequently in the 70s and early 80s. Back then all I could do was to try and will it north...never worked out, lol
  18. It is forced...though I can't remember the last time I posted a snow map. Hey, my daughter is the skier of my family and so I rely on her feedback, but she swears that Roundtop does grooming better than even some of the "big boys" in the Poconos.
  19. Not sure if this is all of it, but Roundtop will make as much as 6"-8" of snow on a very good night. That means no wind or a slight breeze with a W-NW component. That snow is beat down incessantly by the cats running up and down the mountain overnight. That process continues night after night, conditions permitting so that it's essentially forming a glacier. To illustrate better - during a really good week of snowmaking when they can blow 24/7 they might make 50-60" of snow on select trails. When all is said and finished, that becomes a 15"-20" base. But that 15"-20" base is nothing like snow cover in our yards, it is packed and packed and packed until it's frozen solid. Then the groom puts nice veil of corduroy on top so the skier isn't sliding on ice. Also, Roundtop benefits from having the vast majority of the terrain face north - they don't lose much on a sunny, dry day. High temp/high dew/fog/rain is what kills their base. Barring that they can keep going even in the skimpiest years of falling snow.