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  1. Well, if I'm still in the red in 5 weeks, I'll have a decision to make as well regarding travel...
  2. You live in the red zone. No travel for you!
  3. Yes, for it to be even considered on 5/8 is amazing. We've had plenty of 90s in early May before.
  4. Itstrainingtime hasn't been nor will he be expecting snow other than possibly a snow shower tomorrow. Nor should anyone else in LSV have been.
  5. I'm heading for the Outer Banks during the middle of June. This will be the only week of the year that I'd appreciate some temperatures that approach hot levels. After I return it's past the solstice and the countdown to winter begins.
  6. If we end up with any snow on the ground...anything...I will gladly run around and tell everyone what you all know already...I have no idea what I'm talking about.
  7. This is what I've been saying. Possibly seeing some flakes on Saturday? Yes. Accumulating snows measured in inches as some of the models have suggested? No way. (down here)
  8. I was talking about MY location - you have a better chance of something than I do tomorrow evening.
  9. Exactly! I have virtually zero hope of seeing snow here in Lanco...if, and man what a huge IF it is...if we're going to see flakes flying down here I think we need to hope for an intense shower of graupel or snow on Saturday. Tomorrow/tomorrow night is a rainer down here.
  10. Going to be a really nice spring day...enjoy!
  11. Hey...thanks for the correction! I knew that but honestly forgot. And to clarify, Lancaster hasn't had measurable. Like you, I've been done with snow for weeks, but I'm also a huge fan of anomalous events. Let it snow...
  12. I've never seen snow of any kind in May in my 54 years. I don't recall even being close...this is probably the closest opportunity, one which I still believe is a long shot.
  13. @Bubbler86 It might not have ever hit 80 on Thanksgiving either, but I do remember reaching 70 here on New Year's day. To me snow seems more far fetched on 5/9 than 80 in late November - at least down here we're already over 2 full weeks past the latest recorded snowfall ever.
  14. In Lancaster' record books, 1982 saw 2.5" accumulate on April 20th. Going back to 1926 that stands as the latest official snowfall in Lancaster.
  15. Lancaster has never had a recorded snowfall in May.
  16. Depends on location. The odds of you and me seeing 80 on Turkey Day have to be way better than seeing snow on May 9th. I don't think I'll be anywhere close to seeing snow this weekend but if it does it's going in the history books.
  17. Just some VERY light on and off rain here today...I've yet to reach .1"
  18. I saw on Twitter that snow was falling in St. Marys and Ridgway as well.
  19. Yes, long range models have us flipping to a more sustained warmer look on or around 5/15. At that point it looks to me like most if not all of the cold air will have finally been displaced until sometime later this fall.
  20. The man who speaks my language: E. Horst, [email protected] I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but after today, we've got a 10-day spell of colder-than-normal conditions on tap. How rude: After yesterday's high of 80...Wednesday will bring cold rain w/ temps holding mainly in the 40s! Dare I point out that some PA mtns might see snow?
  21. Best thing about the next 7-10 days is we have almost a zero chance of severe weather as we enter the peak season for such events.
  22. I was hoping you would post because I was wondering how much rain you were getting. That's impressive that far north!
  23. Fortunately, most of us are missing a sneaky but solid rain producer JUST to our south this evening. 1-2 inches of rain would have presented some issues with how high the main stem Susquehanna is still running.