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  1. These are looking like pretty good calls...except that all of the action looks to be well south and east of Lancaster as well!
  2. Now if we could only get the dews up near 80 than we'll be set.
  3. As a proud, card-carrying member of Lancaster county I hope to God you're wrong and you good folks farther N&W bask in wonderment of good storms.
  4. I'm sure I'll see plenty of jackets and sweatshirts at the game tonight. Saying that, it's 85 right now. As usual it's warmer than progged.
  5. I appreciate your perspective...sometimes I'm guilty of assuming that people only dislike cold because they prefer the heat. I'm glad that you're in an environment that is better for your physical well being.
  6. Honest question...are you enjoying 117 degree heat?
  7. That might have been a blessing to miss the White Sox park...just saying. :) Probably the best thing about it is that it was the first stadium built in the new era of ballparks that weren't built like the Vet, Three Rivers, Riverfront, Busch, etc. New Comisky Park (as it was known then) opened the floodgates that saw OPCY come the following year and then many others shortly thereafter. You know, I didn't even check to see what my high was. So...I'm not sure if I hit 90 or not, lol
  8. @canderson @sauss06 those are both terrific lists and I'm glad to see Kauffman get some love. I think it's the most underrated park in the bigs. I also really like Dodger Stadium but I don't always feel the safest there...
  9. Not sure what's happened over the years in Wrigleyville. First time I was there was before they had would sometimes be suspended due to darkness which was obviously very unique for a major league venue. After the lights came in '89 it's been pretty much a nonstop expansion of scoreboards, rooftop seating sections and other things that have dramatically changed the wind pattern, number of homers, and scoring in general. One game I was at in the late 80s it was 11-7 Cubbies...after the 2nd inning. Ryne Sandberg was 3-3 with 2 bombs and 8 RBI's as the game went to the 3rd inning. Shoot the Phillies played a 23-22 game and an 18-16 game out there within a couple of years of each other. Still a great place to visit but it's lost some of that uniqueness over time. What are things like up your way now? I've had enough rain consistently that everything is still very green...
  10. Just a shade over .5" for me. I figured you got hit pretty good today around noon. Funny, my wife and I were walking the trail directly across the river in sunshine while there was almost non-stop thunder coming from over your way.
  11. Have to strongly disagree with you on this one...I've been to 22 MLB parks and CBP is definitely top 10. And I despise the Phillies.
  12. I love reading stories like that. Thanks for sharing. It looks like you might be getting hit again right about now...
  13. (Coughs) ummm... @Voyager It kind of looks like your area is getting crushed right now. You might give @MAG5035 a run for his money today...
  14. How often is there a tornado warning in an area where there wasn't even a severe thunderstorm watch? No one in this area was even under a Marginal risk of severe weather today.
  15. Well it doesn't appear as if there were any touchdowns resulting from that TOR warning a while ago. That storm over eastern Lanco went nuts!
  16. was the 'ole route 743 special last night. Lost power twice and scared the kitties silly.
  17. Ended up with .7" of rain last night from that line of storms around 10pm. All of it fell in 30 minutes.
  18. Go ahead and say it's a dry heat, so it doesn't feel that bad.
  19. Yes sir, between the corn and peaches I feel blessed to live in this area. Those fruits and veggies help make summer a bit more tolerable for me. Sort of.
  20. Some isolated but potent little cells popping up west and southwest of Carlisle. Didn't expect any rain anywhere close to the area today.