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  1. The sun is a shinin' here on the Hill.
  2. Trying to figure out whether it's going to slide just to my east.
  3. Monsoon rain on Capitol Hill, and it's gotten so dark out. A bit of a breeze appears off and on, but no big wind.
  4. Report from my father from this morning (so, pre-whatever's about to start): It must have been quite some storm last night. I rode down into the park this a.m. and I was blocked by water on the bike path from Rock Creek both ways within a mile of the beltway. Rock Creek was flowing just below the bottom of the bike path bridge coming up the hill out of the park, so I biked back up the road I had come down into the park on. I haven't seen that much flooding in the almost 45 years I have been biking in the park.
  5. DC canceling afterschool events as well. https://twitter.com/dcpublicschools/status/1433097551717310474
  6. I'm supposed to be in an MRI machine late late tomorrow afternoon. Thinking maybe that's a pretty safe place to be in a twister.
  7. https://www.wwltv.com/video/weather/water-rescue-crew-says-flooding-in-lafitte-is-highest-its-even-been/289-0947a3c0-914a-4a30-8767-2d22e1a19639
  8. A whole lot of bad stuff happening in a whole lot of places. There'd better not be any reporters standing in the French Quarter tomorrow saying "Well, it doesn't really look that bad here."
  9. That NNW movement (rather than NNE) is bringing some of that train of moisture that's been heading into Mississippi closer to Lake P.
  10. If that backbuilding keeps hanging on, that's a whole lot more water into the areas just south of Lake P.
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