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  1. Uh... Sometime in the past four hours my yard became littered with little deep round holes in the mulch. These are not the bird-and-squirrel-digging holes that I am used to seeing. (These aren't the only ones, just were the easiest to photograph together)
  2. I've seen two above ground in the past week here on the Hill, and inadvertently dug up some in recent weeks. It's funny, though--i lived in MoCo in 1987 and the cicadas were just unbelievable--but I don't have any memories of Brood X here on the southeast side of the Hill in 2004. Maybe I just wasn't outside as much. I'll be interested to see if that line on the map has maybe moved a bit closer to my area, especially compared to north and west.
  3. I got clobbered by my second Pfizer dose. Total exhaustion, body aches, etc. Day 2 and a little into Day 3.
  4. https://twitter.com/dcfireems/status/1388236506683293696?s=19
  5. Sure has gotten dark here on the Hill, though.
  6. From yesterday, for whoever it was that said they'd get their laptop and head to the patio.... (Kind of in-between flowering now--azaleas and phlox finishing up, waiting on the cranesbill/perennial geraniums near the edge to get started. Peonies well sprouted as well. And the narrowleaf blue star shoots seem to have the beginnings of buds on them. Also hoping that the siberian irises that were put in back in summer 2019 might actually bloom this year (I've read it can take a few years, so fingers remained crossed.) Also, @Mrs.J, the gnome setup is fabulous!
  7. Thank you! Though my phlox has nothing on some of the houses in the next block, which have retaining walls that are about five feet high--cascades of phlox in various colors coming down some of them.
  8. My dream of having a bed of phlox spilling out through my fence has finally been achieved. (There's a row of brick running below the bottom of the fence that gives a touch of added height.)
  9. (Apologies for the one-upping) I saw them in the fall of 1984 in Gainesville, FL on the Reckoning tour, a free outdoor show with the dBs opening. Huge part of my life.
  10. Thank you @vastateofmind and @mattie g ! I'll post more pictures as various things flower. I had a landscape architect design it, so I can't take much credit, but I did dictate a lot of the planting choices.
  11. The bump was actually a condition set by the city's arborist to approve the permit. Had to go out that far to avoid cutting any roots bigger than (I think) 2" around. But it turned out really well.
  12. Oh, my yard is so happy with all of this rain right now.... Re: lighting, I had my front yard completely renovated in summer 2019, and while the whole thing was extremely pricey, I am so glad I had wired lighting put in. Kind of hard to see it in this pic, but... (lights along the path and around the little patio close to the house, and up-lighting under the birdbath and the two service berry trees.
  13. I think he has a bus he can drive if he needs to.
  14. It's a USGS map, so I'm imaging it has more to do with fault lines and tectonic plates than geography.
  15. Big flakes and lots of them on the Hill.