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  1. Oh, and we had Tornado warnings last night too.
  2. LOL. Just stopping by to say hello and that I am watching a little snow shower here 15 miles north of downtown Dallas this morning. Hope you guys get some snow soon.
  3. I guess I was confused by you quoting my post. Not the last time I’ll be confused either.
  4. Lol. My first name is Greg though. Closest to a weatherman I ever be is that Phillip Williams (worked at a Greenville, NC tv station) grew up across the street from me in Rocky Mount, NC.
  5. Just dropping by to say North Central TX weather is boring. Miss hanging out with you guys. Hope everyone in Dorian’s path will be safe. In the meantime, here’s my exciting 10 day.
  6. I miss you guys and all of the weather talk. Tracking with anticipation was the fun of it regardless of how much snow I ever actually got. Now living in DFW and the Central/Western states forum being my home base, there isn’t much to do. Don’t think anyone has posted in the TX thread since Thursday.
  7. I live in Lewisville TX now which is 20 mins North from downtown Dallas and it raining steadily here.
  8. While I live in TX north of Dallas now, I was in Rocky Mount, NC area for Floyd and Goldsboro for Fran. They were bad. Also, it doesn’t take a huuricane force winds to mess you up either. In Rocky Mount, we got 60ish winds from Irene but they were sustained for something like 9 straight hours. My neighborhood looked like a war zone. Just a couple of years ago Matthew flooded Rocky Mount the same way Floyd did. Floyd was suppposed to have been a 500 year flood. You guys be safe!!
  9. Menawhile, half way across the country where I live now in Lewisville, I got screwed by the second SOUTHEAST trend in a row. Houston, Austin, etc. got snow out of this system and we got cold air in the Dallas area.
  10. One of my friends is working just North of Tulsa, OK this morning and sent me this picture. I am not as familiar with how systems move in this part of the country. Is some of what we may see here in N Texas later today?
  11. I have discovered the same since moving to North Dallas (Lewisville). There is one thread in the Western subforum that covers TX, NM, and LA. We talk about it being hot and dry or cold and dry.
  12. Being new to the area, I am not sure what I need to look for in the models as far as the weather patterns here. I know that back East in NC we would want see low pressure exit TX into the gulf and then shift north east as it crossed Florida. Our best snows in my part of the state came from that set up.
  13. Mainly just popping in to say hello. Moved to Lewisville from an hour east of Raleigh NC in August so, I spent a lot of time in the SE forum. Have been enjoying living here although so far the weather has been mostly two types: hot and dry and cold and dry. Look forward to learning more about North TX weather.
  14. So for years living in Rocky Mount, NC I was victim of the NW trend. So in August, I moved to Lewisville, TX and it has just snowed to my SE. LOL.