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  1. Absolutely horrible what's happened in Manchester, UK tonight. My heart and prayers go out to all the people that have lost their lives or were there when this happened. Just horrible, especially with all the kids that were there. Just awful.
  2. Check out the radar loops from the plains on this twitter page. Really cool.
  3. 10am obs: 89 Fitchburg 87 Lawrence 89 Springfield.
  4. NWS in Boston bumped our forecast here from 87 to 92 for this afternoon and 92 to 94 now 95 for tomorrow.
  5. What a difference from last year. In July and most of August we were in extreme drought up this way. This pic was take in on July 31st (with another month of no rain on the way). Most of the yard was just dirt, especially off to the right. I worked hard on it all September and October, hoping that it would take and come back in the spring. The second pic was taken this afternoon. Still have some work to do, still some patches here and there, but it came back in quite well.
  6. NOUS41 KWBC 271218 PNSWSH Public Information Statement 17-18 National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC 1218 PM EDT Thu Apr 27 2017 TO: Subscribers: -NOAA Weather Wire Service -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network -NOAAPORT Other NWS Partners and NWS Employees From: Michelle Hawkins, Chief Severe, Fire, Public, and Winter Weather Services Branch SUBJECT: Change of Heat Advisory thresholds for New England Effective immediately Effective immediately, five NWS offices (Caribou, ME; Gray, ME; Burlington, VT; Taunton, MA and Upton, NY), in collaboration with the Northeast Regional Heat Collaborative, have lowered Heat Advisory criteria for all of New England for the coming summer season. Studies and research conducted by the collaborative show that emergency department visits and deaths from heat increase significantly on days when the heat index reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Thus, the old threshold of 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit for two or more consecutive hours has been lowered to 95-99 degrees Fahrenheit occurring for two or more consecutive days, or any duration of heat index 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit. Excessive Heat Warning criteria (heat index 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for two or more hours) remains unchanged. It is expected that this change will alert people sooner to impending heat threats and if acted upon, reduce the number of emergency department visits. No communication changes are required to continue to receive heat advisory/warning products. Only the triggering threshold for heat advisories has been changed. If you have questions, please contact: Rick Watling NWS Eastern Region Headquarters Bohemia, NY 11716-2618 [email protected] 631-244-0123 National NWS Public Information Statements are online at: http://www.weather.gov/os/notif.htm NNNN
  7. Driving back from Florida on Sunday, there was full leaf out up to about southern to central New Jersey. Once I got past the GW bridge in NY, did not see any trees that were leafed out. Like that all the way up here to Northeast Mass. Lawns were certainly green everywhere tho.
  8. Thanks. Looking forward to some 80s and warm tropical breezes and of course a touch of Disney. We ended up with 5.5 here. Snowed heavy all day, but it just wouldn't accumulate, we were around 35-36 through much of it. Most of it has vaporized today.
  9. Flipping to snow here now..about 80/20 snow/sleet.
  10. 3.75" so far at least 2 of it sleet. Been sleeting all night. A far cry from The Weather Channel's app saying 8-12 last night. Right now mix of rain and sleet, probably 70/30 rain/sleet. 33 degrees.
  11. After snowing since 10am this morning. The snow is now sticking to the grass and beginning to accumulate. Just a dusting at the moment, but it is starting to stick now.
  12. NWS upping the numbers along the northern fringe of Mass.
  13. Make it 3. My birthday today as well. Happy Birthday Cold Miser and Winterwolf!!!