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  1. 7.25" here. Think I just barely stayed out of the rain.
  2. Well this should be fun...Heading to Plattsburg on Saturday to visit my grandmother. She hasn't been feeling well and is 102, so can't really switch it. Certainly should have some great pictures Sunday morning.
  3. Hey Kevin, If its not too late. I am in for this year again. Dan in Brentwood. Sorry have been away from the board for awhile.
  4. 4.75" with some pingers starting to mix in from time to time. 19.5*
  5. Light snow and flurries on my way into Andover from Southeast NH this morning. Not accumulating anywhere, just mood flakes.
  6. Same here. 5 1/2" about an hour ago.
  7. 5 1/2" snow/sleet. 1" sleet in the last 2 hours...been light to moderate most of the morning.
  8. 4.5” here. Snow hole for the loss .
  9. Same here. Awful. Haven’t been out yet but doesn’t look like more than maybe 3” Pinging here
  10. 23 degrees. 1/2” down -SN .
  11. I think they are. The twc app for my area has 1 foot or more Saturday night and 1 foot or more for Sunday. Then another 1-3 on Sunday night .
  12. Are all the players being sampled yet?