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  1. Dan

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    4.75" with some pingers starting to mix in from time to time. 19.5*
  2. Dan

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    4.25”. Still all snow. No sleet yet .
  3. Dan

    1/29-1/30 obs

    4.5" here.
  4. Dan

    1/29- 1/30 Storm Threat

    Light snow and flurries on my way into Andover from Southeast NH this morning. Not accumulating anywhere, just mood flakes.
  5. Dan

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Beautiful pic .
  6. Dan

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Same here. 5 1/2" about an hour ago.
  7. Dan

    Super, Duper SWFE

    5 1/2" snow/sleet. 1" sleet in the last 2 hours...been light to moderate most of the morning.
  8. Dan

    Super, Duper SWFE

    4.5” here. Snow hole for the loss .
  9. Dan

    Super, Duper SWFE

    Same here. Awful. Haven’t been out yet but doesn’t look like more than maybe 3” Pinging here
  10. Dan

    Super, Duper SWFE

    23 degrees. 1/2” down -SN .
  11. Dan

    Winter Begins Jan 20th AWT

    I think they are. The twc app for my area has 1 foot or more Saturday night and 1 foot or more for Sunday. Then another 1-3 on Sunday night .
  12. Dan

    January 2019 Discussion II

    Are all the players being sampled yet?
  13. Dan

    Beggars can’t be Choosers strung out mess Jan 8/9

    Pouring here the last 15 minutes, but the temp has been creeping up since about 4:30. At 4:30 I was at 29, now I am just barely above 32. I am in southeast NH, just outside of Epping and Exeter.
  14. Dan

    January 2019 Discussion

    Yeah I suspect that if you compare my numbers for the last few years, they are probably very close snowfall wise.
  15. Dan

    Clipper/Coastal Storm January 3-4th 2019

    1.5” here. .