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  1. Got my first dose today. Second on Apr 28th.
  2. Snowing here now. Light but it is sticking on the deck some .
  3. GFS v16 goes live tomorrow effective with the 12z run.
  4. Wind is really cranking out there tonight. Not nearly as windy as early in the week, but getting some good gusts out this way.
  5. Glad to see someone else in Southeast NH. Couple towns north of you in Brentwood. Fingers crossed. Got really screwed in the December storm.
  6. Same basic ratio here 70/30 - 60/40. We wanted to send our son in. He has been full time since Sept 15th, with a one week remote week after Christmas break. So glad we sent him in. He's thriving in school with the small class size. We have had the whole 5th grade class home twice, the 4th grade class home twice and the 2nd grade class home once, because one the kids was exposed outside of school. So as a precaution, the whole grade would stay home. No transmission in school tho.
  7. Currently its supposed to go live with the 12z cycle on March 3rd. They were running the stability test and ran into issues that brought it down. It appears the 30 day stability test is now re-running. If they can get through that, then thats the target date, if not it will be later. Part of the issue, is the server they are running on right now, is getting overwhelmed and not easily fixed so getting in the way of the stability test.
  8. 1.5" total from today's snow showers
  9. Those subby zones are sometimes modeled well. That storm in December, had southeast NH and downeast main in the subby zone for several days in advance. It nailed it. Matter fact I think it wasn't big enough. This storm is not the same animal, but certainly seems to be a transfer that shows "a sub zone".
  10. At an inch up this way. Been snowing all morning to varying intensities.
  11. Snowing lightly here...maybe about 1/2" now. Flake size wasn't great earlier, but definitely improving. Snow globe stuff
  12. Light snow here. About 1/4” down. Think I am just a bit to far west tho. .
  13. My 1.5" is has just about evaporated...maybe a 1/4" left, most of it will be gone by tonight.