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  1. If this was winter, it would be snow to the pike.
  2. I tried to do the same thing, but when you try to get just internet from a provider the price is jacked up. When i tried to do it with Verizon about 4 years ago. It was $80 for just the internet and I think $100 for their second tier and a box. So there wasn't a point just getting internet. Maybe the prices have come down since then.
  3. Last year I mowed the weekend before Memorial day and then didn't mow again til September, just was nothing to mow.
  4. Lawrence just made a big jump...89 last hour to 94 this hour.
  5. Remember its summer, the hill is not used.
  6. Maybe we have been a bit wetter than you, don't know. Right now I am at a 7 day cycle pretty consistently, maybe even should be doing a 6 day cutting cycle. Last year it was just a desert for most of the year so didn't have to do much. Especially the spring, we just couldn't get any rain up this way.
  7. I've now mowed more times this year (6) then all of 2016 (5). What a difference a year makes.
  8. What are the odds of hitting 93 in April and needing AC vs highs in the 40s and needing heat? Probably leans much more to the heat.
  9. Gad the fireplace roaring yesterday. Will have it going again today.
  10. Absolutely horrible what's happened in Manchester, UK tonight. My heart and prayers go out to all the people that have lost their lives or were there when this happened. Just horrible, especially with all the kids that were there. Just awful.
  11. Check out the radar loops from the plains on this twitter page. Really cool.
  12. 10am obs: 89 Fitchburg 87 Lawrence 89 Springfield.